Tempera Paint Vs. Washable Paint??

Updated on October 05, 2011
A.B. asks from Burleson, TX
4 answers

At my son's party in a couple of weeks, the kids are going to be painting houses made out of refrigerator boxes. The website I found the idea on suggested tempera paint. I bought a pack of Crayola washable kid's paint, as I did not see any tempera paint in the store, but know I can buy it online. Do you think this will be okay or should I buy the tempera paint?


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answers from Victoria on

i agree with itsacrazylifewith4 tempera paint is some what powdery and flakey. but i have not known it to ever stain clothing. this is what most schools use for art class. the crayola washables should be fine. the only thing that i hated that crayola made were the colored bubbles. they stain the skin. easter gift gone bad :P


answers from Redding on

Tempera is water based. We always used it to paint halloween and Christmas stuff on our windows and it would wash right off. If you are working around anything porous tho, it could stain.



answers from Chicago on

If you mean the big carton's the fridges dom ein the paint should be fine. Sometimes, Tempura can flake off and it can stain clothes. I once used regualr Crayola paint on cardboard because my son wanted to be an airplane for Halloween. It worked out fine. The Tempura I used for the white flaked a bit when the cardboard was hit or bent.



answers from Dallas on

Washable paint should work just fine, if not better overall than the tempera type.

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