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Updated on February 17, 2011
C.H. asks from Oxford, AL
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went to the doctor today My daughter had a fever 105 finally got it down but its expected to come back.he done blood test everything and going in the morn for a bladder check and check temp again i gues what i am asking is for home remedys we are doing popsicles cool baths tylenol all of it i dont no what else to do to help her fell better please help and Pray for my daughter
thank you all

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So What Happened?

went back to doctor today fever was gone still gets a little feverish but 101 was the highest today shes still sick but shes ok doctor still doesnt no whats wrong so sent stuff in for more test but she is ok thank you all for your prayers she is doing much better still sick but much better thank you all found out its ROSEOlA

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I highly recommend piggybacking tylenol and motrin. You give the tylenol then about 20 mins later give the motrin. Sometimes that has been the only thing to give my kids some relief when they've a particularly nasty virus. Little fevers I don't worry about too much but when it really high or they feel miserable I give them something to relieve it.

Avoid the cool baths like Riley J said. Just keep her comfy, hydrated and keep an eye on her temp.

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answers from Mobile on

A friend just told me peppermint oil on the nape of neck and soles of feet. Another thing to add to the mix if you want to try.

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Is tylenol alone bringing the fever down to a decent level (102.5 ish)? If not give tylenol & motrin at the same time. The modes of action are different (don't take my word for it, check with your healthcare provider/ pharmacist/ 24-7 nurse information line, etc.... but I'm right.) so they're perfectly safe to take together. They work "better" when taken together, so one doesn't usually double tap them, because taking the full dose of each together is too much for a lowgrade or midgrade fever.

LOTS of fluids.

Make sure any baths are 99 degrees (wrist temp) they will feel icy to HER even though they feel lukewarm to you, but doing an actual cool bath can send her system into shock / can be lethal. They're very very dangerous. Hospitals use ice baths all the time, but they also always have a crash cart and anti-seizure meds waiting to get pushed into the IV right next to the tub, since about 50% (or more) of the time, they cause heart attacks or seizures from the shock. Cool baths the numbers are lower, but so often what's thought to be a febrile seizure is actually a fever gotten from putting a feverish child in a cool bath (or by using alcohol).

Cold wet washcloth over her eyes and on the nape of her neck is VERY soothing and helps protect from eye damage.

High fevers are scary, but they can usually be managed at home very easily with tylenol & motrin. If she's getting both and is STILL 103 or higher (while on them, when they wear off the fever will spike again, totally normal), call your doc or hospital. They may have you give the max dose and wait 20 minutes (the max dose isn't on the label, you have to call for it, because it's done by weight) to see if it lowers, or they may have you bring her on in. Being dehydrated, however, will make a fever worse... so if you can't get fluids into her, they may want you to come in anyway for an IV. Usually, however, apple juice & meds & rest at home does the trick. ((Her brain/nervous system needs the sugar, if you have a juice rule, ditch it while she's sick))

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I agree with rotating Motrin and Tylenol (I think it is that Motrin works faster and lasts longer?). Cool washcloth on the forehead. Could she have Roseola (sp?). My daughter had that at 18 mos and got a fever up to 105.9 I think. Lasted I think 3 days, then the rash came and she was better. It's a very common virus -- I think I heard 90% of all kids get it.

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Motrin is much better for reducing fevers than tylenol. However, when my son had a high temp, like the other mom's we alternate between the two. I believe its motrin every 6 and tylenol every 4, overlapping them. cool rag on the head and lots of love. good luck to you and your little girl.



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My daughter had a 105.5 temp. once when she had a double ear infection. The doctor had her alternate tylenol and motrin every 3 hours. It worked to keep her fever down. Ask your doctor about it. Good luck!! I hope she feels better soon.



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It's so scary when a child's fever is high. Remember that theirs can be higher than ours and still be OK. I would take her temp every couple of hours during the night. If it goes up from here, I would take her to the ER. 104-105 is what I've been told is the upper limit before needing to take them in right away. Also keep aware for unusual behavior and if she doesn't respond to you, another reason to take her in.

In the meantime, you've gotten a lot of good advice here already. Fluids, cool water, motrin/tylenol, and mom's attention!

(Just to share, one thing my daughter did when she had a high fever when young was suddenly talk MORE clearly, in complete sentences, and with words we didn't even think she knew, it was actually very scary, as if she were "posessed" even though I don't believe in that stuff!)



answers from Honolulu on

Tepid bath

Ice packs under the arm-pits and knee-pits.
This is what a Nurse friend of mine told me.

That is a high fever.... did you take her into the ER?

Dehydration can also occur... with fevers.

How OLD is your daughter?
If only a baby, take her to the ER.

I would take her in, anyway.



answers from Bloomington on

be sure to keep her well hydrated-- water, pedialyte or gatorade, apple juice, be sure to offer fluids every 30 minutes.

hang in there!


answers from Portland on

warm feet covered w/damp socks then warm "fresh-out-of-the-dryer warm" socks over that...it somehow "sucks" the heat out of your kid...weird but works. any update?
Ps I'll be praying



answers from Los Angeles on

Just reassure her that you're right by her side. :o)



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You're doing great w/ the cool baths, popsicles and Tylenol. I would do Motrin too if you can. You alternate them every 2-3 hours! Definitely keep up the fluids and cold washclothes are helpful! Keep us posted. Praying for you both!


answers from Chicago on

I would alternate motrin and tylenol. My doc said motrin, then tylenol 3 hours later, then motrin 3 hours later, etc. It keeps each dose of the distinct medicine 6 hours apart but they overlap. Highest we have seen is 104. Be on the lookout for febrile seizures. Motrin is the ONLY thing that helps my kids fevers -- tylenol doesn't seem to touch them.

Best wishes and lots of prayers.



answers from Los Angeles on

Great information on fevers:


Hope she feels better soon.

And yes, keep her hydrated - don't worry if she isn't hungry but make sure she is drinking plenty of water and an electrolyte drink as well. We use Vitalyte (you can find it at REI or running stores).


answers from Modesto on

105 is a high fever and is usually associated with measles and possibly the chicken pox.
Start the bath out warm so its comfortable for her and let cold water slowly trickle in until its cool and she's in it long enough to actually bring her temp down. 105 is usually a spike and her fever may have broken now that it hit that high. Go slow with the motrin if you can, the fever needs to work. Cool cloth to the head and also place on the jugular veins and under the arms and bottoms of the feet. I used to rotate my cool cloth like that. Usually when you have a high fever it causes chills but you dont want to put a blanket on her just a sheet. Keep her drinking plenty of fluids and the popsicles are fine. My mom used to have us drink hot jello and/or gingerale as a treat (I still do that now when I'm feverish). the more she sleeps the faster she will get well, so just keep her in a relaxed environment so she can snooze away. Poor baby.



answers from Sherman on

Ask him to check for a uti. In the meantime alternate Tylenol and motrim every 4 hours and luke warm baths


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Riley's advice is spot on.

My son used to spike high temps like that when he was a toddler - very frightening! I piggybacked tylenol and ibuprofren, round the clock - EVEN when his temp read normal on the thermometer I continued the meds, because once they were out of his system he would spike back up to 105 in four hours.

I did the lukewarm, never cold, baths. Also, my pediatrician told me to keep his head damp - wrap it in a damp towel - because we lose most of our heat through our heads and the evaporating dampness from his head would help cool him down.

Set your alarm and check on and medicate her often throughout the night. If you think she needs it - don't be afraid to take her to the ER.

My prayers are with you.



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Just wanted to throw in that Motrin shouldn't be given any closer together than every 6 hours. It can be pretty rough on the stomach especially if she isn't eating. Tylenol can be given every 4 hours. Alternating them is great. I agree that Motrin works better for high fevers. Keep her stripped down to a diaper and tshirt. A very light blanket if absolutely necessary. No ice packs, they will give her chills which will make her temp go even higher. Keep her wiped down with a damp cloth and let her air dry. That will cool her body off without giving her chills.
You are doing everything right Momma! Praying your baby feels better soon. Keep us posted!



answers from Redding on

Little kids can really spike high fevers and it's pretty scary.
Also keep in mind that they are usually higher in the evening as well.

Keep your little one hydrated well. Try to keep her cool, even with a cool bath if necessary.
A cold washrag on the back of the neck can also help and it feels pretty nice too.

I hope she'll be feeling better soon!


answers from Boston on

I really find that children's motrin brings fevers down better than tylenol.. and you can always alternate between tylenol and motrin.. popsicles, lots of fluids (water juice), cool bath, cool compress on forehead.. virus' are nastey and usually high fevers like that the doctors end up saying are viral. good luck, hope your little girl is ok! You are doing a good job mumma!

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