Telling Grandma the Sex of the Baby

Updated on December 06, 2010
T.B. asks from Hendersonville, TN
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My mom dosnt want to know the sex of her Grandbaby she has been waiting 15 years for, and I want it to be a surprise but she is giving me a Baby shower! So she will find out! I have told her I am going to tell her at Christmas In a special way instead of just finding out at the baby shower! But I want to do it in a very special way! Since she and I have been wailing so long for this Moment. Any Ideas

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So What Happened?

Well we found out for sure Its a Boy! We will be telling Mom when She comes down for Christmas! I have gotten Boy and Girl stuff to confuss her a Little I want to make it fun! LOL We are going to wrap several gift inside one another and another and another then for the last step I will have three little boxes hidden around the house one of them will say your awnser awaits you in your last gift Witch is a digital Picture Frame in that picture Frame there will be the picture of the Ulta sound that says Its a Boy! Thank you all so Much for you Ideas T. and Daniel B.!

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answers from Raleigh on

Send her on a hunt. Make the clues include baby pics and rhymes. Make the last rhyme, the punchline. "Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what
------ ----- are made of". Snippets and snails and puppydog tails, that's what ------ ---- are made of" Grandma, I can't wait to see you!

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answers from Orlando on

A friend of mine wanted to find out the sex of their baby with the rest of the families. So they had the ultrasound tech write it down and put it in an envelope. Then they took it to the bakery at Publix (or any grocery store by you will work). They had the bakery make a cake that was pink if it was a girl or blue if it was a boy. Then frost with chocolate frosting so they couldn't see the cake.

On a holiday (either Thanksgiving or Christmas I forget when they found out) they cut into the cake after dinner and discovered a pink cake, so girl it was! I always thought this was such a cute idea!!! You could obviously just tell the bakery what color cake you would like, it sounds like you already know what you are having! Congrats!!!

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answers from Chicago on

Just wanted to add that just because you are having a baby shower does not mean anyone has to know the sex of the baby. We had a huge shower and no one knew what we were having with dd. There is plenty of cute gender neutral stuff out there and you get the added bonus of being able to use your stuff on subsequent children if you have them. I am preggo with #2 and we aren't finding out the sex, but because all the stuff for my daughter was in a sage color, we can just reuse it and save some money this time around when I won't be getting a huge shower. I say if mom really wants it to be a surprise, why not! Just some thoughts. . .

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answers from Allentown on

If you want to tell her at Christmas, how about giving her as a gift a picture frame with a girlie (or boy) baby theme on it?

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answers from Chicago on

Frame an ultrasound picture in either a pink or blue baby frame and give it to her as a gift.

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answers from Knoxville on

I guess you could do a gift that is specifically gender appropiate, write a rhyme or poem and have it framed to be given as a gift or leave clues around the house for her to figure out on her own.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I second the idea of a frosted cake!!! Pink or blue cake and cover with white or chocolate frosting, and ask her to cut into the cake first.

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answers from Springfield on

I like to have things printed on shirts for special occassions! My husband was coming back from Afghanistan and I made a shirt for my son with my husband's picture on it saying "My Daddy will be home very soon" and everyone loved it and so did my son! Make a shirt for either your or her or both! Take her to lunch and maybe wear the shirt under a jacket! When you take off your jacket she'll see the shirt with whatever kind of motto you have on there! Or you could make a shirt for her and give it to her as a gift! Either way it's a funny way to spread some news! If you need any help or ideas feel free to message me! Good luck! :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

I like the cake idea, but I wouldn't do it at the shower....You obviously want this to be special and just for her....If you like the cake idea, have a small cake made that is just for her on Christmas.

If your mom is into Scrabble or Crosswords or Seek and FInd...there are many websites that you can make your own puzzles and put in hidden messages. You could also play scrabble and make all of your words have to do with the gender of the baby: pink, blue, snake, frog, princess, sugar, spice, etc....

The shirt idea is also cute and you could have one made that says: Soon to be Grandma of a beautiful baby......

You could also do a scavenger hunt of items around the house and have them have a letter attached and have it spell out a silly saying or rhyme that would hint at the baby's gender and watch her excitement as she builds the phrase that let's the secret out!

You might also find a book for Grandma's to read to baby and have the main character be a boy/girl. This would be a gift that would spill the secret and bring memories when she can share it with the baby.

Just some thoughts.....For my daughter, I sent letters to everyone that said we were expecting and when she was coming written from the baby's point of view. I found out the sex very late in my pregnancy and by then I had already had my shower....everyone wanted to know so badly by then that there was no way to keep it! LOL!
Enjoy and take care! Blessings to you and yours!

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answers from Fayetteville on

How exciting! What a wonderful time to reveal the surprise to your mom. I don't have too many ideas, but here is what I can think of.

You could get her a bouquet of flowers in the appropriate colors

Maybe a charm for a necklace or bracelet for the sex of the baby

Maybe set of baby items for Grandma's House to include a special blanket (a replica of Baby's Blanket that s/he will use at home), bag, toy, etc in the appropriate colors

If she is a fan of candy, maybe a box of candies that are personalized for a baby boy or a baby girl - there are several companies that do this...m&m's, Hershey's, etc...

Maybe a special Christmas Ornament that will reveal the a train for a boy or ballet slippers for a girl...or something that will reflect your personality at the same time letting her in on the secret:)

If you are at all poetic, maybe you could write a poem that incorporates some of the things that are most special about your mom and how that will be able to help teach a little boy or little girl some wonderful life lessons

Maybe a special Christmas Stocking for Grandma's house in the appropriate colors...

You could fix a dinner for her and have foods "associated" with boys or would have to use the stereo typcial foods not for kids but think stereo-typically will prefer things like beer, brats, wings, etc...where women are more often portrayed wanting things like wine, chocolates, sweet treats, salads, etc... (trust me I myself cross the "gender lines" when it comes to preferred foods, but hopefully you get my idea)

Those are the limits of my creativity this morning. Have fun with the big announcement!


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answers from Detroit on

they have onsies with "I love gramma" or something similar on it in pink and blue, buy the appropriate color and wrap it up for her.....I also like the cake idea below.....I think they also have books about spending time at grandma's place that are gender specific

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answers from Cleveland on

That cake idea is amazing! I think I might borrow that idea for when we find out what we are having!

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answers from Raleigh on

My Mom mailed me a boy teddy bear. About the size of a beanie baby right before my ultra sound. I mailed it back in girl clothes. She was so extatic and shocked since I told her our appointment was moved to two weeks later. We had the best laughs and memories to enjoy. My daughter loves playing with that bear when we visit.
You could do a varyiation of just having her unwrap the bear of your gender. My son loved the build a bear size. My daughter likes the smaller ones because she can take more than one.
What a great time you will enjoy for years to come!!

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answers from Miami on

Hi T. B :-)

It seems from your post that you plan on telling everyone else who is attending the baby shower what the sex of the baby is. I think the idea of the cake and colored frosting is a cute one. For some reason, the image of those baby dolls which are anatomically correct popped into my mind. I can see you wrapping one of those in a box, with cute little clothes on it, and your mom opening it and taking a peek underneath to see .... !

A. R.N., Energy Medicine Practitioner

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