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Updated on November 22, 2011
M.B. asks from Miamisburg, OH
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Normally I pay cash for most things, so I don't write many checks. This week I skipped the bank and headed grocery shopping. I wrote a $25 check at one store then hit Meijer's (grocery store) for $168. Both checks went through Telecheck - the electronic check system. The second one was declined!!! We had plenty of money in the bank, so I had no idea why it declined. I had to put the groceries on a debit card which caused me to have a $10 bank fee. When I called Telecheck they said it was declined because I didn't have enough history with them so 2 purchases in one day was suspicious. Seriously?! It was $200 total. Anyway, I went back in Meijer and talked to the manager who gave me a $5 gift card for some of my bank fee. She said they use the system b/c it saves them so much money in not having bad checks. She said if it happened again I should have the cashier suspend my order and call Telecheck from the store so I can use the check (Telecheck freed my account after I verified things iwth them, so I could have paid after I talked to them). What I thought of later is that I had to give all kinds of personal info to Telecheck, and that isn't something I want to do in the middle of Meijer. That means there wasn't really an answer. I'm still mad and think I should talk to someone else, but I don't know who. What would you do? How am I supposed to get history with them if they decline my checks THAT I HAVE THE MONEY FOR? The problem is that Telechecks doesn't care what I think b/c I'm not their customer and boycotting Meijer doesn't help b/c Telechecks is everywhere. I feel like I'm screwed.

ADDED: I was charged $10 bc the only debit card I had on me was for a different account that didn't have enough money in it. The charge was for accessing the overdraft.

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answers from San Diego on

I don't know why on earth you were charged $10 to use your debit card! that is out of this world!! Even here in Southern California we don't have excessive fees like that.

I personally don't write checks. I can't stand writing them. Takes too long for people to cash them and too much information out there. So I go debit card only.

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answers from Atlanta on

I'm with you! I recently took a part time seasonal job at a very popular retailer and out of four checks that were written yesterday, four were referred to their customer service automated system that just verifies the same stuff I have already verified...What is angering to me is that I am repeating things in public, having lines ten deep (no it's not Walmart, lol) and it takes FOREVER! One lady said she would step over to the ATM at the bank next door and get cash because of the line...never to return.

Checks are becoming a thing of the past but if I hadn't had one on me the other day I would have been stranded out of town with an empty tank. My daughter had taken my card out to run an errand for me and forgot to put it back.

I'm afraid the way it used to be is gone. Too many deceitful people cause problems for all of us. And too many companies that can make money are going to lump us in with everyone else. Like I said, I'm with you!!!


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answers from San Antonio on

Walmart used a system that declined me because I moved. At least that was the excuse they gave me when I called the 800#. It makes no sense.

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answers from Grand Forks on

i'm wondering why you're charged $10 per debit card transaction...that's weird. i don't have any advice except maybe a different type of checking acct's needed b/c that's silly.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I write checks all the time..and i shop at Walmart, Target, and Meijer and etc...and i have never been declined for any reason...i have had cashiers complain when the checks get stuck, but we only use checks because it is easier to keep track of our money and we don't use credit cards....



answers from New York on

I don't understand why anyone would use a check to make purchases at a store. First of all, it's not that secure, as several people have access to your personal information. It takes time to write a check. Since they are using telecheck the funds are taken out of your account immediately, so there's no advantage there. Why just not use a credit or debit card?

I can't imagine why you would be charged $10 for using a debit card? Ever since BOA announced they were going to start charging fees, people started complaining and switching banks. So banks have decided to give up on that idea.

I'm guessing that Telecheck may charge a few for every check that they process. I would call telecheck and talk to a manager to see what can be done. I'm sure if you notify them you'll be writing checks, they can make a note on your account.



answers from Toledo on

So get mad at your BANK about the overdraft charge. Probably not much you can do with Meijer. This used to happen to us all the time. Actually, there is a lawsuit going on our old bank (5/3) because they were charging these overdraft fees unfairly. Keep a look out!

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