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Updated on August 19, 2011
C.S. asks from Deer Park, TX
6 answers

Do you have to disolve Humphries tablets or can you just give them? I loved their strips, but I can't find them anymore. It's hard to give my son tylonol... he spits it out.

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answers from New York on

No u can just put them in the babys mouth i started useing them on my son was he was 6 months and did great with them never had a problem.



answers from Washington DC on

We used teething tablets when our little one was going through first-time teething pain and it was hit or miss. Then I saw this article:

Something to consider. When the tablets didn't work regularly and having read a similar article, I discontinued. I am sure it would be fine, just something to consider.

Best of luck (and know I understand....we are dealing with molars now so the pain is crazy!) Hang in there.



answers from Chattanooga on

Hylands tablets worked awesome and dissolved very quickly for my DD... but when they discontinued those after the recall, I tried the Humphries. I had to dissolve them or they would get stuck in my DD's throat. They are quite a bit harder than the Hylands were. They didn't seem very effective at all, so now I just stick to Tylenol.

~One trick I learned with Tylenol when my DD decides she doesn't want it is to dispense it next to the tongue, towards the back of the mouth. It's reflex to swallow then.


answers from Dayton on

Hyland's are back on the market. My friend just ordered some online and recieved them very quickly. If you want I can ask her where exactly she ordered them from...just pm me.
I had some before they were recalled, and never worried for a minute about using them.
Her babe is younger than mine and she ended up having to use Humphries, she disolved them in a small amount of water and kept them on hand like that.



answers from Dallas on

No, I would put them under my son's tongue and rub them into the gum and help them dissolve so he couldn't spit them out, they dissolve fast and they do not taste bad.



answers from Houston on

I know Hyland's are designed to just dissolve on the tongue and do so in just a matter of seconds.

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