Teething Frozen Fruits?

Updated on August 09, 2013
M.T. asks from Pflugerville, TX
6 answers

What type of fruits are good to freeze for baby teething. I bought one of those "ClevaFeed" that he can use but what fruits do you find are best to freeze to put in it?

Sorry, yes the clevafeed is one of those mesh bags with a handle for teething.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Any fruit they like. They all do the same thing, they provide a cold substance for the baby to suck on and chew so their gums don't hurt any more. Use any fruit you want. BUT watch out if your baby is too young. You do NOT want to add any foods to their diet until they are pretty old. I would not use fruit like this until the baby is at least 9-10 months old. They can't handle so many foods until they are older and have eaten some different foods they could be allergic to.

If they were younger then 9 months I'd just use ice in the mesh bag.


answers from San Antonio on

A friend of mine used to use popsicles for her teething babies.


answers from Chicago on

Frozen pineapples go over very big here
Even ice cubes! (and yes, these are all in those mesh bags with handles too)



answers from Hartford on

I found grapes to work the best.



answers from Chattanooga on

I'm guessing a clevafeed is one of those mesh bags with a handle, right?

Frozen bananas are great, and were my DD's favorite; but are a bit tricky to clean out. Grapes, melons, etc. were also good. If your baby is old enough, (some moms prefer to wait) berries are good as well.

Pretty much anything. Don't stop at fruits either... My dd used to chew on frozen cucumber and refrigerated carrots all the time. :)

Plain ice cubes are great in them too!



answers from New York on

My little guy loves blueberries, but they are messy! Pineapple is second favorite and then strawberries.

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