Teething Any Suggestion or Idea on How to Soothe Baby

Updated on May 23, 2011
D.B. asks from Wayne, NJ
10 answers

Please advise I have a 7 mos baby who is teething. He is so fidgety, uncomfortable and crying especially when he is in the car and we are out driving. Does anyone have any suggestion on what they do to soothe their baby because of teething. all suggestions welcome.. Desperate mom

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answers from Chicago on

I used frozen baby wash clothes, cold fruit in the mesh feeder bags, frozen bagels...this was a favorite. My son would gnaw and gnaw and gnaw and when it became too gross I would just throw it out. He also enjoyed a vibrating teether, especially for those back teeth. celery sticks were good too, he couldn't bite through them but he could move them around and chew where he needed to.
We also used Humphrey's teething strips. I only found these at Walgreens. They were wonderful!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Wet some baby washcloths, fold in quarters, stack in a Ziplock & freeze. Give him O. to gnaw on--he'll LOVE it!

Hyland's Teething Tablets?

Can he have Infant Tylenol?

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answers from Minneapolis on

I use to use Oragel on their gums - worked like a charm... just don't over do it as it will numb their tongue and freak them out. Frozen washcloths and even the mini bagels (frozen) work well.

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answers from Jacksonville on

There used to be a teether that looked a bit like a net. You could freeze fruit, stick it in the net area and they could chew on that. My daughter LOVED frozen grapes.

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answers from Philadelphia on

We used a fresh food feeder with cold fruit in it. My son also liked the vibrating teethers, so that worked well in the car when I didn't want the mess of the fruit mash everywhere.

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answers from Spokane on

Those amber teething necklaces are apparently miraculous. I just use Tylenol and give them a cold damp washcloth to knaw on.

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answers from Seattle on

i use teething tablets. they are a godsend for me. my daughter was teething at 2 months and they were amazing for her. my son is 3 months and started teething about 2 or 3 weeks ago. they work good for him too. neither of my kids will/would take teething rings, they perfer my finger. hope you get some relief

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answers from Kansas City on

I'm so sorry, I know this doesn't help but I just have to share.

With our first, now 21 years old, he would just pop teeth and we'd never know it!
Our second. . . well, it was hell with every tooth! I remember going to our doc and asking what else we could try. I'd tried Numbzit,orajel, etc everything!
I'll never forget his response, "white wine". I said really? and he said, "for YOU, you're going to need it!"

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answers from Detroit on

I learned of Hyland's Teething Tablets with my 2nd...they REALLY seemed to help!! They disolve right in the mouth in a matter of seconds and they are natural-I think.

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answers from Portland on

You know, I'm hippie mama. I tried the Hyland's tablets. Tried the orajel. Wanted to cry. Then, my dear older mama friend gave me the permission I needed to break out the Tylenol.

I now recommend it highly. Do not overuse. But it can make life better for everyone. Be sure to get a current weight on your baby and double check dosages with the doctor unless they've already given you current and accurate information.

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