Teething & Constipation

Updated on November 02, 2010
R.L. asks from Phoenix, AZ
5 answers

my son is 7 months old and has been teething for 4 agonizing months and still no toofers! My question is can constipation be part of the teething package along with major gas... it looks like he will cut his 2 bottom teeth here very soon b/c his gums are a whitish color so i am sure he is in a lot of pain... any advise or answers would be greatly appreciated!!

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answers from Phoenix on

I am a first time mom, going through the same stuff! My girl had her first tooth come in right before 9 months, although everyone has been saying she was teething since 3 months? I am a big reader and all of the problems we associate with teething (diarrhea, constipation, fever, etc) aren't related according to doctors.
I have been using Humphrey's Teething tablets, you just stick one under their tongue and they can roll it around like a piece of candy before it dissolves. The extreme times when the tablets don't work I use store brand tylenol.
I also agree with using the washcloth in the freezer, but we re-wet the ends b/c she likes to suck the water out of the washcloth.
Lately poop has been on the runny side, but when she was a newbie she was always constipated, we put 1tsp prune juice (adult, not the kid version) in about 2 bottles a day. If you try the prune juice start w/ one tsp per bottle till you get a bm, b/c if you give too much you'll have a different set o problems! LOL Good Luck!



answers from Fayetteville on

With my first daughter (now 3) we gave her gripe water which eased the pain of her teething and also settled her gas. With our 2nd daughter (7 months) the gripe water does not work but she does get constipated because of her teething and she cries because her mouth hurts and she is constipated which makes for such a fun time. For her mouth we give her toys that she can chew on and for her constipation our ped recommended giving her 1 oz of apple prune juice twice a day for about 3 days or less if they start going sooner. I know that it is not fun at all because when they are having both issues they do not sleep well at all. Good luck and I hope that your little one gets better soon.



answers from Flagstaff on

My oldest son was constipated before his teeth erupted. My second son had diaherra, My third son had both and my last son didn't have any symptoms other than being grumpy and drooling.

I usually use tylenol to help with the extreme pain, but usually use a teething oil to rub on his gums. Clove oil is good for that, but not straight, I use about 10 or so drops in a tablespoon olive oil. They all loved that. Immediate relief.



answers from Denver on

My kids 2 & 1 are the total opposite! They get runny tummies and the worst diaper rash in the world!
Most of my friends kids are the same way.

I have never heard of constipation being apart of it all, but that isn't saying it isn't. Most docs will tell you tummy issues on either end are never apart of teething, but us moms know better :)

As for the white gums.. sounds like they are close, but for us, when you see them get red and swollen you know the teeth will be out any day!!
Good luck. My kids were GREAT teethers, so I consider myself lucky they never were in much pain. But the fact that we dealt with diaper rash was just as bad! lol



answers from Minneapolis on

what i did for my son and still do is get a wash cloth wet but not dripping and freeze it so they can chew on it with out worry of them choking or look for a pacifier shaped thing that has a net on it in the sippy cup isle at your local Walmart and put frozen or fresh fruits and veggitables in it and they will not choke from the net making it mush and they will keep wanting to use it. you can also brush their gums with an infant rubber tooth brush to help thin the gums or help break the tooth through them.

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