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Updated on May 04, 2007
N.D. asks from Schaumburg, IL
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Hi Mommas-

I can't believe it but I can't find any advice on teething. Can anyone share symptoms and suggestions for a 3 month old, who I believe is teething? Thanks a bunch!


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teething is incredibly painful... I think that tylenol/panadol... is a very useful thing used appropriately. You might try calling your pediatrician or a pediadontist.

Pres. Lactation Support Group, Inc



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Well I thought my daughter was teething at 3 months because she was always chewing on stuff and druling, but she is 9 months now and just broke her first 2 teeth. She has had a slight fever and a runny nose the entire time and she is cranky, she loved to chew on wet washcloths from the fridge rather than teething rings and I give her Tylenol when she starts crying because I know she is in pain. Hope this helps. J.



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Congrats on your new princess! My daughter teethed early too. Her first tooth arrived at the 3 month mark and she had all her teeth by the time she was 16 months! The doctors will tell you that's this isn't a sign but I swear....at 3 months.....when her teeth first started coming in, she had looser BM's, a low grade fever and a runny nose. She was also crankier then normal and restless. Those times when she was getting more then 1 tooth at a time she would also sometimes get ear infections. Who knows, that could have been coincidential but it was pretty much every time. All kids react to teething different. I would freeze a washcloth and let her suck, chew on it and that seemed to work. On her really bad days I put some baby orajel on her gums.



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Hi N.,

I think I remember asking our pediatrician about teething when my baby was about 3 months and he said it was way too early and she wasn't teething. Not sure if that's true for all babies, so I agree, ask your pediatrician.



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Drooling a bunch!
Chewing on items a lot!
May have a runny nose.
Those are a few...

Teething tablets help. As well as a cold washcloth. Teething rings. Ora-jel (kinda). I have even given tylenol when it's gotten really bad.

Good luck!



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My son got his first two teeth at 5 months and he managed the pain well. At 10 months-12 months he got the next 6!!!! We needed intervention then. I did the Tylenol/Motrin alternating. I would try to give the Motrin prior to naps and bedtime b/c I felt it worked better. You baby is still young but if you think you need to do this then I assume it is okay. But it is a good technique when they get those top two teeth OUCH!! Also the bad news is that teething can take a LONG TIME. My son had all the symptoms of teething weeks/months prior to his top two teeth coming in. The good new was that once they popped in the rest were right behind. Some babies it is is quick others is painfully long...like my little guy. Good luck though I know how hard it is to watch them hurting.

My sons symptoms were:
chewing on items
biting me :(
putting his finger or whole hand in mouth :(
irritability that doesn't seem to have another cause (tired, hungry)
if your nursing that may be uncomfortable too OR they may want to do it more often for comfort (my son did this)

Oh..sorry so long...my son re-discovered the pacifier at 5 months when he got the first tooth. It calmed him. You could try that.



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Drooling and crying and just out of sorts. My son would not nap, for example. He wanted to nurse all the time, and did. I think it was about 3 months. They start with symptoms way before the teeth are ready to come in. There are many stages to teething.

I used homeopathic remedies that worked instantly. I took my son to a homeopath who prescribed a remedy and within a half hour or less my son was smiling and took a nap-- his first in days!!

You can get those Hylands teething tablets and gel at Jewel or Dominick's or pretty much anywhere. They are homeopathic but are a 'general' prescription for many types of teething problems. They really do work, though and you don't have to give Tylenol usually. I gave him Tylenol with his molars, though. Those REALLY hurt. You won't have that for another 10 months or so, though.

It very well could be teething and I would try some of the remedies below. Cold washcloth is great. Good luck, this too shall pass. :)