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Updated on December 07, 2008
R.M. asks from Granbury, TX
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i think my baby is teething but i am a little concerned. he has pink checks and a diaper rash. someone said diaper rash can be from teething is that true? i ve seem red bumps around the mounth but what about red checks? he does not have a fever but is sleeping alot. any comments or suggestions.

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So What Happened?

thanks to everyone for all the get responses. i am introducing solids and i think that is alot of the problem. He has not had diarreah and the diaper rash is clearing up. i guess i will take it slow on the foods. sweet potatoes and bannas seem to be a problem at first but now are okay.

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When a child starts teething, his saliva turns more acidic to help this process and increases in volume. Many kids get diaria(sp?), diaper rash, and/or a rash on their cheeks/chin where they drool. Every kid is a little different. With mine, it wasn't till the drool stopped that they complained.


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Don't know about red cheeks, but yes, diaper rash can come from teething. My daughter also sleeps alot when she teething and drools, has diarea, and bites everything. Try some hylands teething tablets or baby oragel, or both at the same time. This always helps my little one cope.



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Yes, my just barely 7 month old has 6 teeth now...he has had diarrhea which caused diaper rash and fever. I just give him Tylenol for the fever and I've also used Dr. Smiths diaper rash cream. It works great. Everything is normal, don't worry!!



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Yes this can be teething. Use Dr. Smiths Diaper Ointment for the rash....AMAZING STUFF. Sold at Walmart...about 7-8 dollars a container.



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when I had my first child; I thought she had diaper rash. Kept putting the cream on for a few days and it did not go away. Turned out that she had a yeast infection and thrush. If you have tried the diaper cream and it doesn't go away; I would consult your pediatrician. Also, I do know antibiotics cause red cheeks and rash. Not sure if you child is on any kind of medicine.


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All three of my kids had diarrhea when they teethed with a slight fever. They drooled a lot too, I really remember my youngest since he's 2 now, but he drooled for several months before teething. Your son might be, or he's getting a bug. One thing a few mothers told me with my youngest is let them suck on a chicken bone, there is a lot of calcium in the bones besides them being soothing for them to bite on. I only did this with my youngest, never heard of it before, but I think it was at least soothing in nothing else. Of course watch him closes if you give it to him.
Good luck,



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When I started feeding my son solids I had to take a week of only one food to make sure he wasn't alergic to anything and when he started bananas within the first 2 days he had a diaper rash and pink cheeks. The doctor said he was alergic to the bananas. In 2 months I was able to try again, and I did, and he was fine. I don't know if you are feeding your child solids yet, but that may be an explanation. I do know that teething does cause diarrea and that can cause diaper rash. The pink cheeks I am not sure if that goes with teething. Good luck.

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