Teeth Whitening Products

Updated on May 07, 2009
V.T. asks from Alpharetta, GA
5 answers

What are thoughts about teeth whitening products/ services available now? What about the safety of these products?

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answers from Savannah on

I don't use any of those products simply because of the ingredients (I also don't use toothpaste that is found in most stores, I use herbal toothpaste)however, you can use black walnut to whiten teeth naturally. Also you can mix baking soda, salt and peroxide to brush with, doesn't taste all that great but works very well for whitening.

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answers from Albany on

V. I found a great product online called Celebrity Sexy Teeth...It sounds questionable but it really works...I swear by it....No lie and the best part is ZERO TEETH SENSITIVITY....If you go on the website and click on the stars at the top you can get a free trial. Seriously try it. Mom to Mom you won't regret it!!!



answers from Macon on

I have whitened my teeth with a toothpaste made with teetree oil, propolis(a mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds), myrrh(a small shrub found in Yemen), papain(an enzyme in the milky juice of the papaya).
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answers from Savannah on

I've used the Crest whitening strips and the Equate (walmart brand) whitening strips and have been impressed by both
My dentist said these products were safe as long as not over used. He also said the only real big issue is tooth sensitivity. I never had problems with either of these.



answers from Charleston on

i love Listerine's pre-brush rinse. You rinse for 60 seconds before you brush and it's fabulous. My dental hygenist recommended it, particularly for stain fighting between cleanings.

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