Teeth Grinding - Saint Paul,MN

Updated on December 06, 2010
J.H. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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My 7 year old daughter grinds her teeth terribly at night. I have an appointment at the dentist to get her molded for a night guard but don't want to have to pay a ton of money especially sincer her mouth will be changing with her loosing and growing new teeth. Does anyone have experience with a good mouth guard that I can buy fairly cheap?

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answers from Pocatello on

you can buy mouth guards at just a regular store. They are usually in the tooth brush isle or with the sports med. stuff. But I don't know if they make them small enough for children. But that would be cheaper than having one made by the dentist.



answers from Kansas City on

You can buy some at Dick's that will form to their mouthes for like $20ish I think?? I also don't know if they come in kids' sizes, but probably. You have to put in hot water and boil it for a few minutes and then have your kid bite down on it to mold to their tooth shape. It's more comfortable than just a generic one, but it's also still pretty clunky and your daughter just may not have it at all! I would start there though before doing a custom job by the dentist.



answers from Seattle on

Our dentist says it's something that you WANT in teething toddlers and new adult teeth (part of the teething process that also adjusts where the perm teeth are - natural braces) BUT that it often becomes a habit.

He recommends a hockey or sports mouthguard for a few weeks or months until the habit breaks.



answers from Erie on

please at least consult with a dentist before buying the mold your own ones at the sports store, i would hate for that to cause damage and be uncomfortable. The reason they dentist made ones cost so much is because they have had extensive training to make it fit properly so the jaw is aligned correctly. IF you don't like what this dentist is saying get a second opinion. I have heard that in children it isn't a big deal, but at 7 i'm not sure if it should have stopped or not. might just be the new sensation of a molar coming loose or growning in.


answers from Dallas on

My 6 year old son does this. I can hear him grind when he is moving around at night sometimes. I also can see that the bottom of his teeth are alittle bit grind ed down. My husband had a cleaning done a few weeks ago and asked our dentist about it. He said that it is something that is quite normal at this age and not to be concerned about it now. It's not suppose to be a pre cursor to adult grinding.
I did Google it and it seems to be quite common and not of concern at this age.



answers from Chicago on

Ihad severe teth grinding problems during my freshman yr of college. I got a sports mouthguard to start, but it caused horrendous drooling and I had to sleep with a towel on my pillow (good thing I was best friends with my roommates so they didn't tease me too much.). Itdid the trick for a while, but I emded up biting through it and eventually had to get one made by the dentist. It was a much different experience, as it was incredibly comfortable. I would start with one of the Boil Bite guards from Sports Authority or Dicks.

Sorry for the typos...my iPad keyboard is tricky!!



answers from Minneapolis on

go to walgreens,walmart...they sell em pretty cheap-just wash it real good before you have her use it.

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