Teens and the Doctor?

Updated on January 21, 2012
S.W. asks from Springfield, IL
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I have 5 kids, and the doctor trips can be pretty crazy, and i was just wondering what you do for the doctor?? I go in with my 5 year old son. But my other son is 12 and I think if he wants a parent in there it should be dad, right? idk maybe its just me who thinks that. For my teen daughters I ask do want mom in or out, and just go by what they say. My 16 year old daughter really doesn't like the doctor, so we always have to calm her down, and just breathe, haha. But i was just curious what other familys did, or if my family was just weird when it came to this, haha.

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answers from Kansas City on

i know what you mean. When I have taken my boys to the dr, for sports physicals and such (they are teens), I go in the dr with them, and when it's time for YOU KNOW WHAT the doctor just asks me to step out into the hallway so as to not embarass my son or myself. I totally understand that, and do that. One funny thing is, once I ended up taking him to a clinic for a sports physical because I couldn't get him in to see the doctor quickly, anyway this beautiful very tall model-looking doctor comes into the room. She looked like Miss America. Anyway, I asked my son if he was embarassed when it was time to cough..............he said it was OK.

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answers from Los Angeles on

if i had a son i would think that he would rather have my husband there instead of me. but my daughter i go in until she is old enough to make the choice to be by herself.

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answers from St. Louis on

I always went in with my kids....I always had questions & just stepped out if needed. It worked for all of us.

Now the dentist is different: I worked in the field for 7 years. It is so much better with the parent NOT in the room. The kids cooperate without issue, & are not distracted by Mom. :)

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answers from Washington DC on

I have 4 kids.
I went in to every Dr's appt with my now 22 year old until he was maybe 17, we were on base and still used a pediatrician. Once I didn't go in, he had a tick in his groin.
With my now 16 year old we use a family practitioner and he will not see any child under 18 alone. She has been told this and is OK with it. He is also very young himself and quite cute :o) She does go to her PT sessions without me, but I am in the waiting room.
My 11 and 14 yo's still see a pediatrician. I still go in with them. They both failnt at the sight of needles so I pretty much have to for a while yet.



answers from Des Moines on

Hmmm.... I hadn't thought about it, but I'm a single mom with a son, so he's stuck with me. When he gets to that age though I'll probably step out in the hall so he and the doctor get some "alone time"



answers from Washington DC on

Ask him. I forget what age she was, but there came a time when SD banned DH from the room (and her mom didn't go in, either) and she's since gone in by herself a lot of the time. She's seen the same doctor since she was something like 7 so she's very comfortable with Dr. K (a woman). The only time anybody goes is if they need to bounce a treatment (like removing a cyst) off an adult. I would ask your son who he wants and if he wants a parent with him.


answers from New York on

No sure if we (mom and teen) have an option about this. I took my 13 year old to the doctor a few weeks ago, nice women doctor and she was just to do a quick check up for the new school.
I had my 3 year with me and she was talking none stop so I thought I would wait outside, but the doctor asked me to stay.
I can see why they want you to stay.



answers from Portland on

I"d ask your son what he wants. You can go in and still maintain privacy just by sitting at the head of the exam table. I did that with my Dad and Mom when they were old and needed someone there to remember what the doctor said.


answers from Dallas on

My boys are 7 and 14, either my husband or I takes the boys to the doctor depending on our schedule. With our 7 year old, of course we stay in the room. :) For the past couple of years or so, we stay in the room for most of the appointment with our 14 year old, but when needed we step out. We've taken the boys to the same doctor forever, and the boys are both really comfortable with him. He makes the transition easy. He just nods to whichever parent is there when it's time for us to step out, and then lets us back in a minute or two later.

I asked my son what he wanted me to do as far as doctor's appointments were concerned, and he said this is the way he wanted it. He likes having us there to add to the discussion if needed, but likes having a bit of privacy, too. At some point, he'll want more privacy, and I told him to just let me know when that time comes.


answers from Biloxi on

I am a single parent of a 15 year old boy, so he gets me in the exam room (whether he likes it or not LOL). I find that even for physicals, there is nothing really physical about it - the most is his scoliosis check - he lift his shirt and bends over from the waist so Doc can check his spine. Since there is nothing "invasive" about his exams it doesn't seem to bother him that I am there. He does do most of the talking now - answering questions about his medications, symptoms, whatever.

Oh, we also still see his pediatricians. I tried switching him over to my GP when he turned 13 but he wanted nothing to do with it. He is comfortable with his Doctors and actually asked them how long he could see them - they told him they have some patients who still stop in during college for physicals. Gosh, he was happy. I figure at that point, I will not go with him. :)


answers from Dover on

I go in my my kids. My daughter is just 5 so that one is easy. My son is now 20 so he's a big boy and goes alone but up until he was 18 I went with him. He wanted me there because he wanted to make sure the right info was given and gotten. I would step out when he needed me to. Now, I would only go back if it was like an emergency, something serious, etc.

Here in DE, anyone under 16 HAS to have an adult present. Over 16 can have someone present during ANY exam.

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