Teenage Support Group for Moms

Updated on February 08, 2009
R.L. asks from Austin, TX
4 answers

Does anyone know of a support group for single parents of teens in Austin. NOT talking about 'teen parents' - there seem to be plenty of those. I'm talking about the moms of teenagers who could use support dealing with their teen.

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Ask about a mom's group at your child's school. If there isn't one, I bet you could start one. Having agreement on teen rules so you don't feel you are battling the, "everyone else is doing it" battles on your own would be a good thing. Try contacting the head of the PTA, school admin would be too busy to be involved but PTA person might be helpful in getting a meeting place and getting the word out.



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id check w/ a few local churches and see what they have to offer.



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This came over on my local mom's group email in Austin
It's about workshops geared towards raising teen daughters but she might know of actual support groups. Either way she might have some helpful information.


Just thought I'd share and that it helps!


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Ok, So I put out a requests to other moms, and some of my friends that teach some are checking around, but this is what I have as suggestions from them in the meantime.

Planned Parenthood
Any Baby Can
Family Connections
Marywood Home

You might call 211 or search the 211 database at:


which is general information for health and social services in Austin.
And some said to check with some of the local churches.
I will update this list as soon as I here from them.
I think this is an excellent idea by the way.

Here is another suggestion.


DISCLAIMER: I did not listen to this, but here's a story from NPR on how to
support pregnant teens.

This is from Gary Adrian, he says to let them know that Gary referred you.
Steve Bucey at ###-###-#### with LifeWorks - they have youth programs and a teenage preg. program for homeless girls; he may know of other contacts.

Kathy Ridings at ###-###-#### with the Salvation Army for possible info and contacts.

Sharon Bieser at ###-###-#### with VinCare Services for info and contacts.

ATCMHMR may also be a good referral; they provide a lot of support services.

Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services and Lifeworks both offer counseling and a number of other supportive services to teens and their families.

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