Teenage Boy Having Nose Bleeds.

Updated on October 31, 2007
R.L. asks from Odessa, TX
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I have a 15 yr. son. Recently at night he has been having nose bleeds. He is very tall and seems to be in pretty good health. He isn't into any sports. Just a typical teenage boy. I'm worried that this might be a something serious. He is fighting me about missing school. But I'm making an appointment with the pediatrician anyway. Tonight his nose bleed a lot. He had a headache ofter the nose bleed. All of his billows are covered in blood stains. He wasn't telling me about it but tonight I saw for myself. I'm also affraid that he will have a nose bleed at night and not wake up. I seem to think that he will choke on his blood. Sorry right now I may just be making a mountain out of a mole hill. But it really worries me.
Does anyone else with teenagers have problems with nose bleeds? Is it just part of "growing pains".
AND NO DRUGS ARE NOT AN OPTION HERE. We are very close and I do know my son. And anytime he sees anyone even smoking...he has to mouth off about it. He is with me or watching his sister when he isn't at school. (and she is a tattle tail) He just doesn't want to miss school because that is where he sees his girlfriend.

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So What Happened?

WEll...the doctor recommended using a humidifier at night. We have started doing that. It helps but he still has mild nose bleeds. Apparently my son's blood vessels are close to the surface in his nose. So while we are carefull...He is doing well. They did take some blood test because of the headaches... We are still waiting to hear about that. Doctor did not seem worried thou.
Thanks for everyones help and concern. It does look like he may have nose bleeds for the rest of his like...but doesn't need to be worried about.

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This time of year nosebleeds are not enirely uncommon. My little guy gets them too. However, they are not at all as you've described your son's nosebleed. It is probably nothing but would definitely see his doctor. I think it would be important to tell the doctor that he gets a headache with it. In adults that can be a sign of high blood pressure-the headaches and nosebleeds so worth checking out.




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Be sure to ask your dr about cauterizing the spots in his nose that are causing the bleeding. My mother had that done as a teenager, as well as my brother, and now my 7 year old daughter is having the same problems, so we will be asking about it at her next appt. It may not be the solution, but what I have been told (to the best of my knowledge) that it has something to do with the skin or "lining" being too thin and bleeding easily. It does have alot to do with changing weather and dry sinuses, but my mom says cauterizing is a permanent fix. Good luck! ~A.~



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Hi R.. My name is M. and I am a single mom of 4. My now, ninteen yr. old use to suffer from nose bleeds and had migranes. He was told by his doctor the nose bleeds where from allergies. This is something you may want to look in to.
His headaches where due to dehydration. I understand your concern. As a mother I would get scared of the headaches. Have the Doctor do a CAT scan and an MRI just to rule out the worst. It would help you rest a little better.



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I had nose bleeds frequently from the time I was around preschool age up until I was about 19. I have no idea why except that my dad had the same thing. All it took was for the weather to change and my nose would bleed. Or me or someone else could touch my nose barely and it would bleed. However, I never once had headaches associated with my nose bleeds. Because of that, I think scheduling the dr's appt is a good idea.



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Two weeks ago I had my first nosebleed EVER. I'm 19, so I'm near his age. My son has had trouble with his sinus' a lot lately. The weather lately in Texas has been OUTRAGEOUS! I would still definitely get an opinion from your pediatrician just in case. Hope things turn out well.



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Well I had and still have nosebleeds. I would take him to the doctor anyways... It could be sinuses or the changing weather. And he will only be missing a few hours... Why is he that attached to his girlfriend? Sorry I found that a little odd, but just my opinion.
Good Luck



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If it's a lot of blood and you don't get a good answer from your pediatrician, you might follow up with your family internal medicine doctor. Does your son bruise easily? He could have a blood disorder that could be easily treated with medicines. I have some experience with this - it's probably nothing but I'd still go to the pedi and get a blood test to check his counts.


PS I don't find it odd that your son likes to see his girlfriend at school. I remember 15...

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