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Updated on April 02, 2013
B.M. asks from Lake Mary, FL
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My daughter is going to be 14 in a couple of weeks. She plans to go to the upcoming 8th grade dance. We found a cute dress, shoes and handbag! She is very excited and I am happy for her.

I am not the best with makeup. She is not the makeup type, however, we agree that she will need to look "finished" for the dance. I am not sure what she needs, but I am thinking a light concealer for any blemishes, a light face power, eyeshadow, mascara and lipgloss. Any suggestions on brands or items?

I would also like to take her someplace for a makeover (not an in-home like Avon or Mary Kay). Any suggestions? I want to give her the chance to see how the makeup will look on her and time to practice application before the May dance.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, tips or guidelines!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your responses. It is definitely my plan for her to look very natural and age appropriate. That is why I specified her age and that she is not a makeup type.

I am not sure why a few said no concealer? I thought a light concealer for blemishes, why would that not be appropriate? I also thought a light powder evens out skin tone? Is that not correct?

My daughter is beautiful, and I was hoping for suggestions like I received for some for brands, as I am not familiar with them. I will follow up at the mall and clarify ahead that I want light, age appropriate make up for her age. She has a skin regimen now, but I may look to improve it at the same time.

Thank you again!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Clinique. The skin care products are good, and she needs to be using good products. Ask the cosmetician to show her how to apply the makeup so that she looks polished but not overdone.

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answers from Dallas on

The major department stores do consultations all the time.

Go check out the products and have someone guide her.

Personally, we use Clinique and have from day 1. If she is going to use any makeup, etc, she needs a good skin cleaning routine DAILY. If she is not already doing this, she needs to start.

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answers from Seattle on

Clinique or Mac brands store consultation and tell them she doesn't really wear make up. Also remember you do not need to buy all the products! Sometimes I buy like a powder and lip stick. Macy or Nordstrom has these brands.

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answers from Columbia on

At 14? A concealer for blemishes and undereye, good bronzer in a complimentary color, brown mascara, and tinted lip gloss.

Gently conceal the blemishes, gently brush bronzer onto the cheek hollows, above the eyes, be sure to blend lightly. Put on mascara lightly and lip gloss. That should really be all she needs.

Be careful with "makeovers" at the cosmetics counters. They usually leave them looking like....streetwalkers.

I recommend playing up ONE feature. If she has lovely eyes, don't use bright or heavy colors anywhere else. If she has lovely lips, don't do too much on the eyes. My eyes are "forget-me-not" blue...so I focus my makup efforts there, and wear cherry chapstick on my lips.

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answers from Miami on

I second the E.L.F. suggestion. The makeup is very inexpensive and they have a great variety of colors and "weights". I love their lip colors. They are $2 a pop, so I can change colors literally with the seasons!

Do you have a friend who is good with makeup? Seriously. We all have that one friend who looks great all the time. Ask her to go with you and your daughter to Target and then ask her to help your daughter with her makeup for the event.

At that age, I would suggest:
- Tinted moisturizer
- Concealer (if she really needs it)
- Cream blush (Almay makes a great easy one)
- Neutral single color eye shadow (linen is great on fair skin)
- Brown mascara (water resistant and NO BLACK)
- Colored lip gloss
- Sweep a lightweight loose powder over her "finished face" before putting on the gloss and she will be set for the night.

Make sure to pack her lip gloss in her handbag!

At this age, I would not invest a lot in make up, but I would suggest investing in a facial care regiment... cleanser and good moisturizer. That is one beauty routine that should never get skipped!!

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answers from Baton Rouge on

She isn't "unfinished" without makeup. If she's normally not into it, I wouldn't go Aveda - it's expensive and she may not ever use it again. I would go with ELF - it's available at Target, it's inexpensive and decent quality.

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answers from Louisville on

Aveda does make up lessons and make overs. I like that company because its very animal-friendly and environmentally conscious.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Take her to your local Clinique counter. They will do a free, age appropriate make up application and you can buy the products they use if you like them.

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answers from Kansas City on

Id go with Aveda too, they're more youngster
friendly, you might have your daughter take in a pic of a celeb who's make-up she really likes that way since neither of you have a lot of experience, the aesthetician can help youbreak down what you need and how to achieve that kind of look. Plus, it will help minimize the chance that she ends up looking not age appropriate, since you can see and talk about the pic beforehand.

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answers from Honolulu on

Girls do not need concealer or foundation.

Just take her to a department store, like Macy's, and go to a make-up counter the day of the event, tell the make-up lady at the counter if she can do your daughter's make-up... tell her to make it "natural" looking and only light translucent powder and light colors. NOT heavy dark colors.

That is what I did, for my daughter once. She is 10, but had a special performance for school. And it was free. The make-up lady did NOT make me buy the make-up. I told her I was not looking to buy the make-up. And my daughter's make-up was age appropriate, VERY natural looking, and it was nice, not garish. She still looked 10 years old. I could have done the make up myself, but I thought I would "treat" her to a nice thing at the Macy's make up counter. Just to be girly. It was fun for her, and she is a very natural type girl.
No girl this age, needs, make-up like an adult.



answers from Miami on

Wow, some of these suggestions mention more makeup than I apply to myself and I'm not even a teen! Personally, at that age, I wore a soft pink glittery/shimmery lip gloss, blush, and (for special occasions) mascara on my upper eyelashes. On a side note, I had a makeover done by Lancome at Saks Fifth Avenue for my wedding (I looked nothing like my usual self), and at Clinique in Bloomingdale's for a teen portrait (again, I looked nothing like myself, and some people think I look younger now than I did at 15 when that picture was taken...yeah, they applied THAT much makeup).

I am very much against making someone look unnatural with caked-on makeup, which is what they do at these makeup counters. They put so much eyeliner that it's obvious to anyone, even from a distance, that you're wearing makeup. I prefer a natural look, no matter the event.

I suggest trying YouTube, and I am surprised no one has mentioned it in the suggestions. There are tons of young girls showing you what makeup colors look good depending on skin tone, they are appropriate for a young girl AND you can watch the instructional videos for application and learn how to apply it yourself.

At that age, unless she has acne, she probably won't need a concealer, powders, bronzers and all that other stuff that can tend to block pores anyway. Maybe a soft mineral foundation if her skin is that uneven.



answers from Tampa on

Sephora and Ulta are great for this purpose. Always good to call or stop by in advance to schedule an appointment, so they could really do a good thorough makeover. The only thing is every makeup store or counter they usually require a minimum purchase. Which is usually not so bad, since your daughter can use these stuff later for every day or on occasion.
Congrats and hope that your daughter will have an amazing time!

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