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Updated on November 19, 2006
W.M. asks from Chula Vista, CA
12 answers

my daughter is going to be 13 in two weeks. i'm on a buget and need ideas. what kind of games,etc do you suggest.

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answers from Las Vegas on

My 14 year old daughter went to a party where they had a scavenger hunt, and even my 16 year old son went to a Hallpween Party where they did the same thing based on horror movie clues. Prizes can be inexpensive 99cent store nail polish, stationary etc...

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answers from Honolulu on

What about an old fashioned sleep over. All the girls, a moive, some snacks, and a bunch of facials and make-up, pedicures and manicures. Most girls love that stuff. Well, I was slightly a tomboy and rather be watching boxing with my dad..but I still had fun at my girly sleep overs.



answers from Las Vegas on

try a fashion show. Pull out old party dresses, bridesmaid dresses skirts shoes. then old makeup and let them do their hair, then everyone does a run down the "cat walk" and someone plays photogropher, if you have a printer have someone print out their photos before they go home. Maybe get frames from the dollar store, or send the picture with their thankyou note. We did it for a friend of mine's birthday and it was tons of fun, there were even a few boys there that put on dress shirts and ties and got into it. Have fun. ~V



answers from Salt Lake City on

A fun thing to do for cheap is load everyone up and go to the mall - have a scavenger hunt. Make a list of different things to do... go in the bathroom and flush the toilet 3 times, find a Mr. Mac store and ask to talk to Mr. Mac, buy a pair of socks at JC Penny, go up and down the elevator 5 times, etc. You can be creative. Divide into teams and the first team back with everything done gets a little prize (dollar store items are great). I did this when I was a teen and loved it!

If that idea doesn't sound like your daughter, find something that does and go with it. If she likes sports, do an obstacle course, relay race, etc.. If she is more girly, have a slumber party/movie night. All you have to do is have popcorn/drinks and a few treats!

I have a ton of ideas if you need more!



answers from Great Falls on

When I was thirteen, all I wanted to do was hang out with my best friend. We had an all night party with movies and popcorn and since my birthday is close to christmas we made tree decorations. We had a blast and the decorations didn't cost that much. Just construction paper and glue.



answers from Fargo on

Could you give them manicures? Buy some nail stickers or bling to add to the fun. Or how about a make over party. They can get all dolled up and you can take a pic of all of them. Use what you have at home to do this.

My son went to a party where they got to build their own sundaes. He thought it was great getting his big dish of ice cream and picking out his own topping. He said "Mom, there must have been a thousand diffrent things to put on my ice cream!" ;o) kids...

What about taking them to a movie at the cheap theater. (There is one in Moorhead, MN if you live near there) I think admission is $1.75. Ask each girl to bring their own money for popcorn.

Good luck with the party!



answers from Salt Lake City on

sorry it took ne so long to get back to you, but I wouldn't suggest games. I would suggest a movie. Probably just a PG rated movie as not to cause conflict with others, My daughter is 14 and that is what we have donw the last two years.




answers from Medford on

When my daughter turned 13 last year, we did a scavenger hunt all through town. I enlisted a few other moms with plenty of seating in their cars and we met up at a pizza place when we were done to tally up points, eat pizza and cake. On the invites the parents were instructed to drop off at our house and pick up at the pizza place. They all had fun.



answers from Portland on

I am in the exact same predicament. My daughter will be 13 on the 1st, no money, no patience for all them teens runnning around. LOL They think bowling is boring, and not really cheap anymore. I'm not sure. Was going to do movie thing with spending the night, but she's in trouble and grounded. Do I give in for the birthday?



answers from Salt Lake City on

When I was a younger we had a favorite party game. It's pretty simple, and depending on the girls invited, it can be so fun! Almost everyone loves chocolate, so all you need for the game is a pair of dice, a butter knife and fork, a pair of long socks and one or 2 BIG candy bars. Big like the huge Symphony bars or Hershey's Bars. Have all the girls sit in a circle on a blanket. You will get chocolate pieces all over the place. The game is simple, roll the dice and when you get the same number on both dice....you pass the dice to the next girl in the circle....you put the socks on your hands, pick up the butter knife and fork and try to get the wrapper on the chocolate bar open. You want to east as much as you can before the next person gets a pair of numbers. You can put the chocolate bar on a plate to up the difficulty level. Play it once before hand with you family for a trial run, but it can be so fun. If a few of the girls have a competitive spirit.....it can be a riot. :) I hope this helps a bit. Have a wonderful day!



answers from Portland on

As much as I hate them myself, slumber parties seem to be the easiest/cheapest way to go. If you can take the girls the night of the party to the movie store, let them pick out the movies they want to see (excluding R rated of course). If not, let your daughter do a census at school & then go pick them up yourself. The scavenger hunt is a good thing too and can even be done all over town. You just drive where they tell you to without giving them clues. Only obstacle there is gas $. Other ideas for the party that I've heard/done are the TP'ing a teacher/coach/cute boy's house, nails/make-up, teaching them a dance routine, playing volleyball in the yard, shopping (with the holidays coming, you could take them to the mall to Christmas shop for their families), teaching them to cook - maybe some snacks or whatever they're going to eat for dinner (making their own pizza's from scratch is always fun). Depending on the types of girls, you could even consider doing some sort of community service such as spending a couple hours at a food bank boxing food. Always make sure there's "cool" music going and they're bound to have a good time. Good luck & definitely come back to tell us how it went & what you chose to do for them.



answers from Spokane on

i remember being thirteen and all i cared about was hanging out with my friends. being on a budget is defiantly another obstacle let alone a thirteen year old. i would throw ideas at her and suggest going out to the movies with some girl friends. or possibly having her friends over with movies all night and some other little things on the side. i am not too sure but i bet she would like to be with her girlfriends.

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