Teddy Bear Tea! Birthday Party

Updated on March 23, 2008
K.R. asks from Lakeside, CA
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I need some cheap but fun activities for a soon to be 4 yr olds birthday Tea party. Tea ideas would be good to. I would like to make a sweet, sugar free,No caffine tea drink that even adults would enjoy. We will be serving sandwiches, playing dressup and taking pictures. Need alot of help on this one. So Mamas up for the challenge? In advance THANKS!!!

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So What Happened?

I used many of the ideas sent to me THANKS to all who helped my little girl had a great 4th birthday. Krissy

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I like to have the kids do a craft, you could have them create a place mat with construction paper and crayons, or even use stickers.



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How about a teddy bear scavenger hunt? Hide teddy bears (should be able to find them at the dollar store or big lots)and tie clues to find th next one around their neck.
Design a bear coloring contest where the draw outfits on the bears
Since their playing dress up why not have them model their creations on the "runway"? Take pictures with a digital camera, print them out and they can make and decorate popsicle stick or foam picture frames



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Hi K.
My niece had a tea party for her birthday and I think the moms had just as much fun as the adults.
She had a lady set up the entire tea party and the girls used real tea cups/plates etc. When each girl arrived they chose their dress up outfit and one of the ladies assistants sat them in front of a mirror and applied faux make up and also did their hair and took a picture of them.

She developed the pics right at the party and right after the girls drank the tea/ate they decorated their own frames.

They also did a fashion show for all of the parents

Sounds like a lot of fun!



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How about frosting their own cookies and decorating? It would be fun to have some sugar cubes as a special item. I think decorating the placemat is a great idea already given.

How fun!
J. K-V



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I'm planning a baby shower tea for this weekend! Dress-up is perfect, they will spend MOST of the party playing dress-up. You will have a hard time pulling them away from this activity, so go all the way with it. maybe a fashion show or dress-up games-races.

You could buy an item in bulk, such as a hat, shoes, gloves, purse or hatbox and have them decorate it in a craft center.

Play a manners/ettiquitte game to teach them proper table manners for "fancy" dining.

They make miniature porcelain Disney Princess tea sets, you could buy them off Ebay for $1 each for party favors.

Kmart has beautiful little teapots for $10 to fill with flowers or whatever for centerpieces.

We are making tea sandwiches and using flower-shaped cookie cutters and making a fruit bouquet.



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For a tea, you can use any herbal tea like raspberry, blueberry...etc If you are doing iced you can float blueberries or raspberries on top of the drink. Another great tea is a vanilla red tea. You can get vanilla syrup and put a little in the tea to sweeten it.
You can do so much with tea's. You can sweeten any tea with honey!!! Thats a great alternative to sugar! I hardly ever sweeten drinks with sugar... always honey!
If you are doing iced tea make sure you add the honey before you cool it off with ice. And when you serving it you can have ice cubes with berries frozen into the ice cubes. Thats always fun for kids!
Hope that helps a little!



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we had a tea party when our little girl was four. we used juice and pretended it was tea.

we also had sandwiches--peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese (colored pink, but plain flavor)

cup cake decorating is also fun. and they can eat that instead of cake. you can put a candle in the birthday girls cupcake. target and michaels also have a large cupcake cake mold. you can serve that to the adults.

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