Tearing/ripping Feeling in My Belly.

Updated on March 16, 2011
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I am about 33 weeks along and I keep getting this awful tearing or ripping sensation in my belly. Last night it was the worst it's ever been. It has been happening on and off for some time now and keeps getting worse. When I brought it up to my ob it wasn't too painful and it didn't last very long. He assured me that it was most likely just everything stretching to make room for baby. He says since it is not my first baby the pain may feel worse than with my first two.

While I typically take his words and calm down last night terrified me! I went to roll onto my left side in bed because I had rolled onto my back and the pain was so unbearable that I was literally stuck in one position!!! I tried breathing slowly until the pain went away and went to move again but the pain came back and was worse. Each time the pain lasted for about 5 minutes and then I would try to move again. I tried moving 4 or 5 times before I finally gave up. After being uncomfortable for another half hour I supported my belly with my hands and was able to roll onto my RIGHT side with little pain.

The pain was happening in the front of my belly on the lower right side. It felt like something was about to rip apart in there!

Does anyone know what this could be and if I should call for an appointment? I just saw my OB on Friday and am due back in two weeks. Everything looked great on Friday. Even had an US to make sure my fluid looked good.

Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Well, I did ask my doctors about my pain and they said it is my muscles detatching and or tearing. It's nothing to worry about but there is not a thing I can do to prevent it either. Apparently it is more common for this to happen with each pregnancy. This being my third, I suppose that would explain a whole lot :o) It has only happened a few times since my last post and I am due to have this baby in just less than 4 weeks so hopefully I'll be fine then!

Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it :o)

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Anytime you have a concern or question, you should consult your doc. That is what they are there for. None of us are your doctor and none of us know your medical history. Call your doctor for their expert opinion.

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Your OB is right, it's your ligaments stretching. It's most common with 1st pregnancies, but I had it SO bad with all 3 pregnancies that I would literally curl up in a ball biting a pillow so I wouldn't scream from the pain. Take this time to prepare yourself for labor, breathe through the pain, and relax every muscle in your body, and don't stand or lay completely stretched out. That's what worked for me.

Unless you have a bloody discharge, this is normal. Go relax mama!!

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I had that happen with my second baby. He was huge! And so was I. At 35 weeks, I'd already outgrown my 41 week clothes from my first pregnancy. I literally had to sew my own clothes, and I made the belly part 8 sizes bigger than I made the chest/shoulders part of the shirts.

It felt like my belly was ripping in half! Mostly it was under my skin, but sometimes it felt like my skin was going to split, too. Baby oil right after I turned off the shower helped with my skin, but nothing really helped with the inner "tearing" sensation.

I also didn't really believe my doctor when he said it was just things stretching. But it did eventually fade away before the baby was born. And I know that happened before 35 weeks, because it was at 35 weeks when we found out that the baby was well on his way to weighing 10 lbs. That's when I realized I had a reason to feel like I was splitting!

On the other hand, it didn't hurt so bad I couldn't move. But with my third pregnancy, my round ligament pain was so bad, I couldn't move. My friend, who now has 7 kids, says that each pregnancy was harder and more painful than the previous one.

But it won't hurt to call in to your OB's nurse and let them know what is going on. Sometimes nurses have a little more pull with the doctors than we women do. OB's hear women complain all day about feeling bad. When I told the doctor at my 34 week check up that I was HUGE and that store-bought clothes didn't fit me anymore, he said that I didn't look that big, and he was sure there were clothes out there that would fit me, because he's seen women bigger than I was. I was talking to the nurse a little later, and told her how I went to buy bigger clothes, but if they covered my belly, they fell off my shoulders. I also told her that I had taken pictures of my belly and compared them to the one we took at 41 weeks, and I was definitely bigger now at 34. She could tell that I was really concerned about this, and spoke to the doctor. He capitulated and ordered the extra ultrasound. When he walked in to the room after the u/s, he laughed and said my VBAC was off. There was no way he was going to try a VBAC with a 10-lb baby.

And he never would have known that if I hadn't talked with that nurse woman-to-woman.

Good luck, girl! And congrats on your baby.

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Tho this may just be what he told you and the ultrasound didn't show anything, this level of discomfort coupled with your feeling that something's wrong are plenty to warrant a quick visit to your OB. I wouldn't put it off. Call today and get in. Better to be safe than sorry.

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I am 30 weeks, I had this last week. It is kind of a stop you in your tracks kind of pain. I even posted about it last week! lol. Im pretty sure its just round ligament pain. From other moms answers and all my goggling. After I laid down for awhile it felt a lot better. Try to prop your belly on some pillows while your in bed. Takes stress off the muscles. BUT, if it really worries you, thats what you doctor is for, it wont hurt to call them and talk about it.

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I had similar pain also, with my 2nd. Haven't had it yet with the 3rd. I'd still call your dr,just incase it is something unrelated to pregnancy. I didn't have any ligament pains with my first baby. The 2nd one was horrible, and I worried constantly because I had a previous csection. Thought it was my uterus rupturing. I was told the pains get worse with each pregnancy, but I haven't had it with this one, so far (only 17weeks). With the last one, we were in the middle of moving, and I did lots of moving myself. That really seemed to contribute to the pain. Although, this time I'm still carrying heavy things everyday (we collect maple sap to make syrup...hauling buckets) and havent' experienced the pain.

The other pain that might feel similar was; with my daughter, I felt like she was going to claw her way out of my belly. Just felt like she was scratching in there. Didn't feel it with my son, but felt a bit of it today. I ate a lot of spicy food today, and think it might be that. Went away with a papya supplement, that's similar to tums.

Are you using a body pillow? One under your belly might help.

Best wishes.

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It could be something unrelated to the pregnancy - like a fibroid or your appendix. It is definitely worth a call to your OB's office for an earlier appointment. If you have no luck securing one sooner than 2 weeks from now, consider your family doctor, a walk-in clinic or the emergency room. A mother's intuition is always right - if you think there could be a problem, there-could-be-a-problem!!

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Honestly sweetie I think you need to contact your Ob if the pain is that bad. It doesn't take long for a serious complication to arise so call them just to be sure and get examined. I was thinking it could be your ligaments stretching but I was told it usually is more aparant and more painful when its your first. This NOT being your first that is concerning......call your ob.

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Yes, please call your OB because your condition is different than the way it was last time you saw him. Don't panic, but do follow up. I've never heard of that kind of pain. If something is going on, better to catch it early.
Good Luck :)

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If you are feeling stressed about it, I would make an appt. Thatw why you have Drs, and they are used to calming pregnant womens' fears, Im sure :) I had a similar experience with my second, although not so painful it seems. My midwife told me it was my abdominal musclues separating, and because I was bigger with my second pregnancy, it was more noticable when the muscles detatched from each other... Give you Dr office a call :) Good luck!



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I had something very similar happen with my first child, around 24 weeks. It felt like my abdominal wall was having a spasm and it lasted for DAYS! I could not get comfortable in any position. When i googled what it was all I came up with was round ligament pain, that was described more like what you're experiencing, so that would be my guess for you. For me, I think it was just my muscles stretching out for the first time and spasming. I did not have that happen during my 2nd pregnancy.

Hope it eases up soon, I know how unbearable that can be!



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Call your doctor at the office. If you had a previous c-section you may have scars or adhesions on the inside. I apparently had a lot of that from my first c-section and never even knew until they went to a second emergency c-section. I felt some stretching and pulling during my second pregnancy but not pain like you describe. I will say at week 37 my second baby moved lower into my pelvis with her head pressing on my bladder. It was really uncomfortable to stand or walk but not an medical concern.



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I don't know what it is but I think it is "normal". I had that with all 3 of mine.

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