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Updated on November 26, 2013
M.2. asks from Downers Grove, IL
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My soon to be 9 year old daughter would like to have a tea party for her birthday with about eight of her friends. We're having the party at our house and I've already decided on the menu and a craft but I'm at a lose for age appropriate games! Any ideas?


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answers from Washington DC on

alice in wonderland is ALWAYS in vogue in this house, and with the movies and tv shows now, she's everywhere!
a mad tea party with handmade 'eat me' and 'drink me' signs, crazy hats and boas, and caterpillar cupcakes will be a huge hit. sometimes i have a huge mad hatter tea party on alice's birthday (may 5th) and EVERYONE loves it, from teenage boys to grandmothers.
:) khairete

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answers from Minneapolis on

I don't know, I have boys, but that sounds like fun! I'm envious. (-:

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answers from Houston on

I thought tea parties was just little girls dressing up, having tea and finger sandwiches and playing gown up for about an hour. I guess things have changed in 45 years...

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answers from New York on

Here are some that I've done at my kids parties.

Simon says is a classic that kids still play at parties today.

Clothes pin drop - Back before my time this was done using old glass milk jars. A mason jar, or old pickle jar works well. Have the child kneel on a chair facing the back of the chair. Set the jar on the floor beneath the jar. Give the child 10 clothes pins, without allowing their hand to below the height of the back of the jar, see who can drop the most clothes pins into the jar.

Egg race - Hard boil some eggs. Give each child a spoon and the egg is placed on the spoon. The child holds one hand behind their back. See who can walk across the room the faster without dropping the egg. You can also play in teams as a relay race.

Scavenger hunt - Break the kids into groups. Give each a list and see which team can find the most items.

Scavenger hunt with clues - Hide a prize. Make up clues that will guide the kids to the prize. ie... "To find your first clue, you'll need to wash your hands", the next clue is under the soap dispenser or pinned to a hand towel in the bathroom.

Memory game - lay out 20 small items on a tray. Let the kids look at the items for a few minutes. Remove the tray and see who can remember the most items.

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answers from Chicago on

In Victorian times they played what were called parlour games. Here is a link to a bunch you could play with 9 year olds


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answers from Chicago on

Victorian games, old fashioned board games, etiquette games, bingo, scavenger hunt



answers from New York on

limbo, three legged races, pin the tail on the donkey, party pinata, musical chairs, telephone, charades, pictionary.

best to the birthday girl.
F. B.


answers from New York on

freeze dance, karaoke if you have it, maybe set up your own dress-up and photo shoot for each girl (could be nice to use in thank yous).

Also decorate your own cookie or cupcake. If it's being done now, PM me and I can give you a cute and very easy gingerbread house activity.

Don't over do it, a couple of activities and you should be good.

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