Tea Party Game Ideas?

Updated on February 06, 2012
C.M. asks from Harpers Ferry, WV
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Hi! My daughter is having a tea party here for her birthday in a few weeks and I'm trying to come up with some games we could play. The only one I have found was to give each girl 20 sugar cubes and time 1 minute and see who can make the tallest tower. But I was thinking maybe 1 or 2 more games would be good, but I can't find any others online so I thought I'd ask here. Any ideas? Thanks!

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those are all great ideas! Thank you!!

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answers from Erie on

How about a story telling circle... one girl starts a story (or you can give them a cue card with a beginning on it in case they get stage fright), then the next girl adds to it, and along around the circle. Once they get going, the stories can be pretty fun....

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answers from Medford on

Its not really a game, but a craft, but it eats up time and might be fun. Why not get tissue paper in pretty colors and show them how to twist it and make poofy flowers and wire them onto headbands for them to wear? Im sure you can find directions online for folding, tearing, twisting and wiring them together. They might get a kick oiut of making something so pretty to wear at the fancy teaparty.
Also, my neighbor bought flip flops for each little girl at her daughters party and they each had a pile of different colored water ballons to tie around the straps to decorate the flip flops. It was fun, easy and the kids each came home with a cute pair of summery shoes theyd made. She got everthing at the Dollar Store. My grand daughter still loves hers and wears them even in the winter,,lol. (o:

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answers from Phoenix on

telephone game is always a hit when sitting around a decorated table.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You could do a scavenger hunt - maybe a list of items from Alice in Wonderland. Would work indoors if you don't have a nice day. All of the 6 year old parties we have been to (DS just turned 6) have been really ACTIVE parties - I don't think any of his friends - girl or boy - would prefer to sit around for a couple of hours instead of active play.


answers from Wausau on

I would put three cups upside down and put a sugar cube under one of them and mix them up to see if they can guess where it is!



answers from Denver on

I have a book from when my girls were little and into tea parties. It is called The Tea Party Book by Lucille Recht Penner and published by Random House. It has some great ideas for different types of tea parties, crafts, and recipes. No games are listed, but I'm sure the book might inspire you. How about a pin the tea-cup on the saucer or something along those line. Decorate straw hats. They are pretty inexpensive at Hobby Lobby, especially with a 40% off coupon they offer every week. (Print up a bunch and buy one hat at a time, take it to your car and go back in to buy another hat with a new coupon) If you sew, you could make the girls each a fancy "tea apron". Check out the library, they always have some great books on parties.

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