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Updated on September 06, 2011
A.S. asks from Guston, KY
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My daughter will be 4 in 2 months and has said that she wants to have a tea party birthday and I need help planning. We do not have any tea sets, except for her plastic play ones so I would love ideas of where to find really cheep supplies as well as ideas of what to do, decorations, foods ext. I am planning on having her little picknic table decorated like the big table and set with her play set for her dolls, thinking of having both tea and lemonade or something so if the little girls dont want/like the real tea. As of right now I am thinking there will be about 8-10 kids both boys and girls ranging from 1 (too young to participate in the tea party ofcorse) to 7years (the boys will be the babies and 6 &7 year olds). So would love ways to help the boys like it as well. I am planning on giving the kids their tea cups filled with goodies to take home (will be washed after tea before they get them back). we have a small budget- no more than $100 total including tea supplies, decorations, and food.
One big, important thing to include is that I am pregnant and high risk, my drs have already said that they are planning on inducing me at 38 weeks witch is just a few days after our daughters birthday so I need to get everything ready ASAP incase I am put on restrictions or anything else.

thanks in advance for any tips and advice!

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answers from Seattle on

We had one for my daughter's sixth birthday this year! I got adorable teapots, cups, and saucers at value village. We served cookies, mini cupcakes, and tiny sandwiches we cut with cookie cutters. It was fun and super cute! We served white hot chocolate since kids don't care for tea.

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answers from San Francisco on

The Martha Stewart show had a mother on the show today that is an expert in little girl's parties. See if you can get a recap of the show or check out the website. Some of the ideas were really creative, cute and girly....This is coming from a mama with an only son!

If there is a dollar store in your area, you will find many party items, signs, games, even little tea sets at a reasonable price. You can also bake your own cake or even better, cup cakes and get some sprinkles and let the little girls decorate their own cupcakes before candle and ice cream time.

Hope your daughter has a great birthday. Let us know what you do.


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answers from Dallas on

Instead of lemonade have a "make your own milk" station.
Get vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry nestle powders along with some whipped cream, sprinkles, and marshmallows.

As far as foods mini sandwiches will work just great.
Id do mini cakes as well as a birthday cake.

Have them decorate the mini cakes too!

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answers from Portland on

I've found tea pots in Goodwill Stores. I also found one with cups to match at Marshall's. Thrift stores also usually have lots of tea cups at cheap prices because they're not so popular.

My daughter gets ice cream "cup cakes" at Cold Stone Creamery for her kids birthdays instead of cake and ice cream. Much simpler.

I've seen a tea party for girls at a Tea Shop. The shop had fancy hats for the girls to wear. You might be able to find a few, anyway, at thrift stores. Perhaps add ribbons and tulle to make them really fancy. Or perhaps straw hats from The Dollar store and dress them up with ribbons and tulle. Use a glue gun.

The Tea Shop served little sandwiches. You can make them with regular bread. Trim off the crusts. Make a full size sandwich and then cut it into fourths.

The Dollar Store, if you have one there, has good decorations. Some party stores also have good prices. Look in the yellow pages.

You can put a lace curtain, found at a thrift store, over a colored sheet or plastic party tablecloth to make the table fancy.

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answers from Louisville on

they have cups you can decorate it might be fun for the kids to make their own then have the party... not sure if you have already had the party...



answers from New York on

I tried doing this theme for my daughter & it was a little difficult staying w/in a certain budget b/c the teapots are very costly and the ones that aren't expensive aren't intended for use. Someone did suggest going online however and I was able to find some inexpensive teapots there to choose from. I bought a box of cookie cutters and just did cut out sandwiches of the childrens favorite sandwiches. It all turned out perfect. No big deal especially with young children. As far as favors, we just went to Michaels and bought the plastic mugs they have w/the paper inside that the children can decorate & slip behind the plastic so that served as the craft along with their favor. It may not have seemed like much, but for their age, it seemed like it went over well. Best of luck to both you and your daughter.



answers from Fayetteville on

Children at this age really don't drink tea. Instead, you can serve apple juice, apple cider or other beverages that LOOK like tea. But do so using a tea pot.

Food is easy! You can serve small finger sandwiches made with white, wheat or both breads. Fill them with egg, ham or chicken salads; another would be a little cream cheese with thinly sliced cucumbers; another could be turkey with swiss. Make sure you make the sandwich first. Then you trim off the crust and cut into either 2 or 4 triangles.

You can also serve small sweets like mini muffins, fancy cookies, teddy grahams or fun shaped marshmallows.

Serve fresh fruit like small cuts of strawberries, bananas, orange wheels, apple wedges, melon, kiwi, blueberries and grapes.

Use paper doillies to make it more festive and place different foods in fun and colorful dishes or fancy frilly ones. Make sure to have matching napkins, plates, cups and pretty table covers. Ask your guests to get dressed up for afternoon tea. If you find the tea cups you're looking for and still want to gift them to guests, make sure you've cut enough plastic wrap and ribbon ahead of time to go along with each.

Remember to have kid friendly music, such as cd's and a radio ready. Have a few games and small prizes. And make sure you have enough seating for all your guests. Be prepared for inclement weather if you're having your party outside.

Have a great time! And remember your camera!!



answers from Charlotte on

I look on the net for a Tea Salon around Radcliff and I found this:
Claudia's Tea Room
107 Broadway St
Sonora, KY 42776-9773
###-###-#### (Phone)

Maybe you can call and see if they do Bday parties.



answers from Chicago on

My daughter just had a tea party birthday party last weekend for her 6th birthday. We only had girl there and here's what we did: My friend did each girl's make up while the girls did a craft (decorated little bags with fabric paint and jewels) and then they sat down to tea with little sandwiches. Then they made their own ice cream sundaes and then we played hide and seek for a while and then my daughter opened her presents. My daughter said it was a perfect party. We had each of the kids come dressed in their favorite play dress up clothes and I had some extras like floppy hats and gloves and jewelry just in case. I made pb&js and cheese sandwiches and cut them into little heart shapes with a small cookie cutter. I bought silver trays from Dollar Tree and piled the sandwiches on them. We had apple juice in one teapot and Hawaiian Punch in another teapot. I put out bowls or ice cream toppings (cherries, crushed Oreos, gummy worms, M&Ms) and chocolate syrup and whipped cream and gave them each a bowl with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and let them have at it. I bought all the paper goods at Dollar Tree- pink tablecloths, plates, bowls and plastic silverware as well as pink and white crepe paper and a Happy Birthday sign. The decorations were few but I think that made it better because the focus was on the tea party table. I set the table before the guests arrived with all the place settings and two teapots and a small vase of flowers in the center. It looked really pretty. I found the teapots at a resale shop and for the teacups I found a set of punch cups (ya know-clear little cups from a set with a punch bowl) and used them as tea cups. For favors I got some from the dollar store and then the rest from Party City. They sell bulk favors for 10 cents and up. I got little rings and lip glosses along with glow in the dark bracelets and candy. The party was a hit and I spent about $75. The key is the dollar store for most of the supplies.
Suggestions I got when I was planning her party were:
Pin the tea bag in the teapot game. Draw a tea pot on a big piece of paper and cut out little tea bags and loop tape on the back. Cover kid's eyes and have them try to attach the tea bags inside the tea pot.
Another game idea was the bucket game but with tea cups. Line up cups (I'd suggest big mouthed coffee cups) and play the bucket game (like from Bozo)
For a craft have each kid decorate a tea cup or like another mom suggested the cups from Micheal's.
To save money the best places to get supplies are the Dollar store and thrift shops.
Like another mom said- enlist the help of sisters or friends- esp in your condition. There is no way I would have been able to pull off this party without my sister and a friend of mine there to help out.
Good luck!



answers from Nashville on

I would get hats and boas for the girl's to dress up in. You can get hats at a dollar store and maybe the boas at a Michael's or Hobby Lobby and use a coupon. I would get beads for them to wear so they feel like big girls or mommy's. As for food you need to have tiny finger foods. You can cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into little shapes with cookie cutters. they have princess crown cookie cutters or you can just do flowers. Do chicken nuggets, fruit, etc Plastic tea cups would be fine but real would be cuter. Maybe do a google search or check Birthday Express or Party City online for a group of them. Otherwise I would go to a bulk store that sold a lot of white dishes. We have Old Time Pottery and it sells a lot of white plain dishes. Maybe find out where restaurants order their dishes and see if you can buy a few. Or, maybe a rental party place and you rent some tea cups. If one or two breaks, you pay for those. The kids then take plastic ones home for their goodie bags. You can have a table set up with all kinds of candies filled in glass dishes, vases, pitchers, etc so the table is colorful and all sorts of containers for candy. The kids can fill their tea cups with the candy for the goodie bags.
As for boys, I don't have many thoughts, hopefully someone else does. At Disney when you do the princess lunch or dinner and makeover, they have a Cool Dude makeover for the boys where they get shields and swords out of foam. They get their hair in a mohawk. You could do that and have temporary tattoos that they get. The girls can get a dusting of makeup or glitter while the boys get made up.
have fun and congrats on the pregnancy!



answers from Minneapolis on



answers from Los Angeles on

second hand store find mis-matched tea cups and old hats to wear. Get the boys some bubble gum cigars! Just kidding, don't think theres much to be done about boys at a tea party.



answers from Pittsburgh on

All the party items should be easily found at yard sales, estate sales, thrift store or goodwill. You can usually pick those up for really cheap. Nothing has to match, so options are open. You could choose more "manly" cups as you come across them. I think the lemonade is a good choice, but I like the milk station too. My daughter was invited to a tea party birthday at an actual tea house. They gave the girls, lots of dress up clothes to put on. Like feather boas, fancy high heals, sparkly purses, old easter hats, white gloves etc. The kids were also asked to wear their fanciest clothes for the Tea Party. They were served scones, cookies, little sugar cubes to put in the tea, small cream cheese & jelly sandwiches, mini cupcakes and donut holes. I think you have a great idea and should be able to pull it off well with in your budget.

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