Tea Parties?

Updated on July 01, 2010
T.F. asks from Krum, TX
5 answers

Do you think 2 year old are to young for a tea party? Where us a good place to have a tea party?

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answers from Dallas on

i just made my first tea party. you can do one from home, or there are some children's places in that have tea birthday parties. I think 2 is a fun stage to introduce something simple.

Here is the one I did.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Probably too young unless they are joining older girls. Of course, you could have a pseudo tea party. Use a plastic cup, have some cookies, use juice instead of tea, dress up, enjoy. It's never too young to have juice and cookies. :)

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answers from Dallas on

Yeah, it's too young to do outside of the house, but I do it alot at home with my little one who's 2 1/2. She has a table and chairs and a tea set and sometimes we actually put tea in it and have cookies. It's fun!

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answers from Washington DC on

lol! I thought this question was going to be about something else! We're very political and HAVE taken our kids to "tea parties" in D.C., so I was prepared to talk about politics! How funny!

To answer your question, I would say that 2 is probably too young for a tea party at an "off-site" location. You may want to start playing tea-party at home for a few months before trying one at another location.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Nah, get some plastic cups and some herbal tea and have a blast in your kitchen! I think they're probably a bit young to host a party outside of the house, though.

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