Tax Return Deposit; Using Routing Number on Check or on Deposit Slip?

Updated on April 18, 2011
M.S. asks from Plano, TX
9 answers

My checks and my deposit slips list a different routing number. My dh remembers that last year he entered one, and it was the wrong one and caused a problem, but he doesn't remember which one he used. Anyone know for sure?

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answers from Denver on

I worked at a bank for many years. Use the routing number on your check to get it credited to your checking account.

PS: It is normal for the routing number on the saving slips and the checking slips to be different.

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answers from Phoenix on

Go online to your bank's website... they usually have it listed somewhere on there... probably under a section where they talk about direct deposit.


answers from St. Louis on

I am not even sure why they put a routing number on deposit slips. So yes, use the one on your checks.



answers from Los Angeles on

I just efiled my tax return and tried ot input the routing number on my check. It was rejected. I had to go to my bank's website and get the routing number for direct deposit. I guess the routing numbers for checks, deposit slips, and direct deposit are all different. Go to your bank's website and find the one for direct deposit. If you use Turbotax, like I did, they will tell you whether or not it's the right routing number.


answers from Chicago on

Mine are different -- both my work checks and my personal checks. So they CAN be different. If you are using it for a return to go into your account (or if you were having money taken from your account), it would be your check routing number for both, starting from the far left on the bottom of the check (but leave off the last four numbers as that is the actual check number).



answers from Dallas on

The routing number on your checks is the correct one for direct deposit. Many financial institutions have different routing numbers on deposit slips and checks for the same account. The number on the check is ACH recognized and the one on the deposit slips is for internal use, only.


answers from Jacksonville on

Call the bank...even on Sunday they should have an 800# you can call. If you can't find it, call the one on the back of your debit card. Generally it is on the check, but don't take a chance.

Also, if you have last years return you could cross reference it.


answers from Washington DC on

go to your banks website - they should NOT be different!! YIKES!!!

Good luck!



answers from Santa Barbara on

Seems very strange that they don't match...they should. I would confirm with the bank.

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