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Updated on March 23, 2010
C. asks from Forest Park, IL
6 answers

Does anyone know if I can claim my child's private school tuition for the tax? It's the private elementary.

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answers from Fresno on

Do you pay for after-school care at this school? If so, you can claim that. If your child is in preschool, you can claim the tuition (up to a point).

Otherwise, no, private school tuition is not tax-deductible for the same reasons the payments on your new Mercedes are not tax-deductible - it's considered a luxury since there are public schools your child could attend. (Even though let's face it, at least where I live nobody in their right mind would send their kid to a public school unless they had no other choice!)

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answers from Chicago on

Yes. Every year I get a statement from our school titled "qualified education expenses" and I give it to my accountant. I would think your school would provide that for you.




answers from Chicago on

You can claim any after school care or preschool afor child care. If your child is in Kindergarten, you can claim it in a space on the State tax.



answers from Chicago on

My accountant ( we have been going to for 16 yrs) asked me if our kids were in private school because a part of it may be tax deductible but i dont recall exactly what...therefore it would be in your best interest to contact an accountant



answers from San Antonio on

My kids have been in private school from Day 1 and unfortunately we have not been able to claim the tuition on taxes.



answers from Dallas on

you cannot claim it unless it is before/after school care provided WHILE YOU ARE WORKING. preschool cannot be claimed either, unless it is childcare WHILE YOU ARE WORKING.

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