Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Updated on May 10, 2008
J.S. asks from Allison Park, PA
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I was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome. This is just like carpal tunnel, but it is on the feet instead of the wrist. I take an anti-inflammatory but my feet still hurt and I can't wear any high heels anymore or cannot have any pressure on the front of my feet where the nerves are. Does anyone else have this problem and does anyone else have advice I could use on how to help myself a little more. Thank you.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Not sure if would sound like a good idea. But i do remember when i was going threw school we where talking about that type of proublem. The suggestion was, A reflelogy massage. It is where they now the differnt trigger points in the foot and sometimes are able to help lesson the pain. Even if it is not long term. Some regular massage therapist are helpful in that area also. Depends on your comfort level. But i would look for one that has had a reasonable amount of time under there table. LOL

Take care.



answers from Scranton on

Hi J.,
Yes I have Tarsal Tunnel in my right foot. Due to a car accident @5 yrs. ago. I had surgery 1 yr. after that for the constant pain and tingling and what you discribe.
The surgery did help.
But then I got( 4 hair line fractures) in my ankle in Dec.07.

I just found out I will go in for the same surgery only this time they will wrap the nerve. I now have Degenerative Arthriteus in my heal.They will Fuse the heal bone and clean up the bone pieces /fragments that are pressing on the nerve when I walk or apply any pressure.
I know it sounds like alot but I expect to walk mostly pain free after the mending process.
I also have 4 kids and I miss out on alot when I am layed up.
But I must say I had very good results with my 1st Tarsal Tunnel Surgery.
I hope you can get relief for your pain soon.
well take care



answers from Allentown on

check out your local chiropractor for getting your ankle adjusted/realigned! i worked for one for several years and still get adjusted head to toes! He/She should be able to show you some stretches you can do to help with the flexibility of the fascia on the bottom of your feet as well as the achillies tendon (back of the ankle). If you're not comfortable with doing the chiropractor thing, ask your MD for a referral for physical therapy. They'll give you exercises and stretches to help stabilize the joint and increase your flexibility.

Give up the high heels for now. You're health is more important than fashion. Try 1" or 1/2" heels if you feel you need something.

hope that helps,



answers from Pittsburgh on

I am not sure but would any type of shoe inserts help.
You could check with your dr and sometimes they are covered. They may be able to hep cushion the pain. you may also try a search on the web. They have so many sites that help may have support groups that can offer alot advice. You just have to review that advice and do what is best for yourself. When my M-i-l was ill and even after she passed away, I found alot of info ont he web. It offers great advice and also support. I had a hyterctomy and found so much advice on the web. IT really helped me to get through alot of the bads of instant menopause. It helps to now that others are in the same sitution and youc an ofer support and comfort to each other.
I hope all goes well and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
My mother in laws name was J. S also. Good luck and I hope things work out for you



answers from Erie on

My mom just had surgury on her thumb due to something like carpal tunnel, what do your doctor's say??? Would changing your diet help? LIke if you aren't eating healthy enough, stuff is getting inflammed more? I haven't heard of this before, I'm sorry for you, it sounds pretty painful. All i can think of is investing is really supportive shoes and wearing them all day long. Maybe do some internet research. Best of luck to you.


answers from Williamsport on

God bless you, I just said a prayer for you to be infused with relief and strength in your feet. What I would do
if this were me, is eat daikon radish every day-in salad etc-it did wonders for my mom's swelling legs. Drink lots of fluids-no soda And NO SALT. Keep your feet up a lot, stretch your legs. Get massages, Birkenstocks, and acupuncture, and hopefully surgery one day as well. The acupuncture could be awesome for this since it's a foot and nerve thing if you can find someone good. I don't know anyone in this area, haven't looked yet.
Look at inflammation pain prevention on Prevention.com, and here are some other good facts:
http://nutrition.about.com/od/dietsformedicaldisorders/a/... Best Wishes!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi J.,

You know, I have something similar - I haven't gone to the doctor for it, but in the mornings, or when I get up after sitting of r a period of time my right foot is very painful - it takes a little limping before it eases out. I was told by a friend it could be plantar fasciutus (spelling on that? who knows) which is also an inflammation of the plantar area which is close to the tarsal area on your foot. Anyway, what I've been doing is massaging, stretching, doing Yoga and losing the baby weight from my pregnancy (my son is 5 months and I've finally lost 19 lbs) all these things have been helping and now the pain is not as bad. stretch stretch is what I say - oh, and freeze a water bottle and roll it back and forth on the bottom of your foot for 20 mintues or so. This is VERY painful but it is one of the therapies I know of. I've been doing this as well and it seems to help.
Let me know how it turns out! I was going to write a request about my foot thing too but you beat me to it:)

Take care,



answers from York on

I would talk to your doctor and ask if there is physical therapy you can do to help improve it. My sister is a podiatrist and my sister in law had something VERY similar, but not the exact same thing.... Any how my sister recommended PT and my SIL is 100% again. Best of luck hope you feel better soon, if you don't like what one dr. has to say please get a second opinon....people do not seem to be doing this anymore and Everyone should be. Doctors are OFTEN wrong. good luck

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