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Updated on May 15, 2011
E.W. asks from Jackson, NJ
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Have any of you tried these? For boys? I am pregant with my 2nd. For my son I always used Pampers because I found Huggies leaked more with him. Recently my girlfriend mentioned that her sister uses Target brand for her son and loves them. So I was just looking for other opinions about them. Thanks.

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answers from Albany on

Huggies are my favorite, Target work well, Luvs fall in between on both efficiency and price so I usually buy them. Walmart brand suck for us. But that's the beauty of it - all kids are different. Try out a small pack and see how they work.

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answers from Dallas on

I didn't care for them with my son or daughter. But with my daughter, we loved the kirkland brand from Costco. We saved quite a bit going that route.

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answers from Youngstown on

I love the Target brand diapers.

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answers from Chicago on

I've been using them for my 21 month old son all along. I rarely have a problem with leaking during the day. At night, I use Huggies Overnights. They are the only diaper that keeps him dry all night.

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answers from Kansas City on

I've heard Costco diapers are good--and I think you can get them at Know your prices though, because it seems like they're only a couple cents cheaper per diaper.

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answers from New York on

if you have to use plastic diapers, Kirkland brand from Costco is the best & their wipes are awesome. Cheaper than all the others too.


answers from San Francisco on

They were fine until about 6 months (when he started going less often but more at a time) then we started having leaks and blow outs.



answers from Cleveland on

I love love love them!!! I use Pampers as a backup when I can't get to Target. My son is allergic to Huggies so not an option. They are a bit bulky, but he doesn't seem to mind. For half the price, they are a great deal!



answers from New York on

Try it out. I loved them for our youngest, hated them for our oldest. They have completely different builds. Target brand is definitely bulkier than pampers.



answers from Chattanooga on

My ex-roommate used them... and she loved them.
I tried them, and got blow-outs almost every day.

I think a big part of it is your baby's body type. My roomate's baby was really round, with thinner legs, and they worked well for her. My baby is more lean, but with really chunky legs. The only diapers that have worked consistently with us are Pampers. (We tried Luvs, Huggies, Wal-mart (parent's choice) Target (up&up) K-mart (can't remember their name) but they all had some issue or another... so we just stick to pampers.

BUT... My little brother was in the Parent's Choice while he was in diapers. He did better in them than he did in Pampers or Huggies.


answers from Cleveland on

I have a friend who swears by them. I absolutely hate them. I think it really has a lot to do with the kid.



answers from Kansas City on

I did not like them at all. I have used Luvs for both of my boys and I love them!!



answers from Seattle on

we use them and love them I also use the Winco brand ones when I go there. Why spend more money when you can get the same quality for less.



answers from Milwaukee on

Loved Target and Wal Mart brands for daytime, Huggies at night.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi Erin,

Congratulations!! I have tried the Target & Walmart brands of diapers with both of my boys and I had blow outs everyday. I use Huggies now and haven't had any problems. I have also tried Luvs too and I had fewer blowouts. I hope that this helps!



answers from Kansas City on

i LOVE Target brand. i also liked Walgreens brand, and they had sales pretty often, which was great. i liked luvs for the best compromise on price vs quality, but target were right up there too. (i HATED walmart brand).



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Love them - all 3 of mine have used them. Never had any problems & so much cheaper than the brand names. Hope you find some that work for you



answers from Dallas on

I did with my 2nd. They worked pretty good. My favorite over all was Luvs though. I would definitely try them. You could love them.


answers from Minneapolis on

I do home daycare and parents provide the diapers. I have had many parents use the Target brand ones, as a few of them work for Target Corporation (so they get a discount). I like them just as well as the Huggies that many other parents provide! And with their discount, I am sure a bunch cheaper.

I have never heard them say they use anything else overnight. I get blowouts from kids of all ages and all diapers (altho my daycare kids are potty trained between 24 and 28 no one bigger than that using diapers here). Its going to happen at some point. And I agree that body shape and such can make a difference.

I suggest getting some and giving it a try. Can't hurt to try, right??

Good Luck!



answers from Des Moines on

We used them all the time with my daughter... We loved them! They never leaked and we never had a problem with them!


answers from Bloomington on

My youngest is almost 16 months old and I switched to Target's diapers from Pampers when my he was 12 months. My cousin (with a 4 m.o. and 1 1/2 y.o.) told me about them and that they were just as nice as Pampers, so I tried them. I have been very happy! I used Pampers exclusively with my first and the Target ones are just as nice and effective!


answers from Dayton on

IDK why but w/ both my kids (who have different body types) Pampers are the only dipes that don't leak/explode.

W/ both of them I tried all the different brands after they were out of Swadlers and we always have to go back to Pampers.

I like the Baby Dry ones. Cheaper and no questionable Dry Max.

HTH! All you can do is give 'em a try! ;)


answers from Lincoln on

I agree it has to do with the kid and how often you change them. I have 3 kids at daycare that use. For daycare use, they are fine - we change/check them every 2 hours. But one of the boys will come in with probably a diaper that had been on all night literally dripping. YUCK! I've tried them with my daughter but they just don't seem to fit her body quite right. I usually stick with Pampers or Huggies for her. Walmart she tended to break out and when she was little they seemed kind of hard. We've had good luck with Walgreens - when they go on sale dirt cheap! They just run bigger. I think one could spend a fortune trying to find a disposable diaper for their baby!

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