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Updated on June 21, 2012
R.B. asks from Decorah, IA
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I have lost 12lbs so far. My goal is 20lbs total... but would really like to get to 30lbs total. I have a little ways to go yet, but getting there :) There is a noticeable change in my belly area. But my butt and hips are still big. With the change in my belly my hips and behind look bigger than what they did!

Im loosing the weight by being more active ( not really exercising but not sitting around as much) and watching what I eat and cut back on my soda intake.

I'm not big into exercising but Im willing to, to get all of me to look thinner not just shedding the lbs. Is there an exercise that works/ worked for you just for your butt/ hips area that your willing to share?

I do have to climb 3 flights ( really 6 because its 2 long sets to get to each floor) of steps many times a day at work but I feel that more in my calves than the rest of my legs.

Thank you for your ideas!

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answers from Chicago on

Everything reputable I've read or heard is that you can not target one area over another. You can work on toning your behind, and the muscles will grow, but the fat won't disappear from that area.

I think just do what you are doing with diet and maybe start excercising more and, now that your belly is smaller, the fat will come off somewhere - like your behind or hips :)

Congrats on the work you've done so far!

UTA - just noticed you are from Decorah, IA - lots of my extend family live in that beautiful, small town. You probably know some of them, but I won't go into that! I won't be there, but my mom, sister and aunt will be there for Nordic Fest this year :)

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answers from Cincinnati on

Target exercises don't work that well. Your body just needs to shed over all fat. And I am with you, I loose ALOT around my waist before loosing any in the lower half of my body. It will even out.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi R..
Sounds like you're pear shaped? and you lose from the extremities out to inside core like most.
And I'm confident people have told you you can't target areas- bummer I know.
I could have used that after delivering twins- ahaha.
You're doing great if you're down 12 of 25/30. Sounds like you're goal is a more a shape than a weight- yay.
Great job decreasing your soda too and getting active.
Exercise will speed it up- and it will also help you maintain.
I'm not certain your height-- most women 5-5 ave need only 1200 calories a day. If you eat more, gain, and less- lose. If you add exercise calories- wow- speedier. And then you can eat a little more if you continue to maintain.
The easiest way to target fat areas- and you can't I'm just kidding here- but the easiest way to help them go away is limit your starch foods to one serving a day.
Drink a min. 8 glasses of water- more in heat.
Eat for color- if it's not leave it go-- tan is only good for meats. Remember corn on the cob is a starchy veggie in summer. It counts as your starch. Eat a sandwich or burger open face. And beer counts too. This is Really hard- but if you do, your fat will melt away. And if you're a pear that's only due to fat stores and not just your shape which you can't change heredity- then it will slim down to the shape you are looking for. Wha- la.
I know- I'm making this simple but it really is.
Eat no less than 75 gm of protein a day and not all in one setting- split it between your 3 meals.
5 servings fruits and veggies. cottage cheese or yogurt and fruit great- salad with your meal super. Colorful.

Hope that helps- there's no magic ticket but it really is easy. I use shakes for my breakfast so I get fruit and protein easy. Eating all of this makes exercise more necessary to keep your 1200 calories for losing. Don't go less- your body will hold on to the fat stores in starving.

Keep up the good work - to your success!!

About me: 51 yo wellness coach and perfusionist. Mom with 10 yo fraternal twin girls

B. J

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answers from Detroit on

When I am in the mood I will do the stairs at work, I walk up 2 steps at a time for at least 4-5 flights my goal is 6 flights but I am not there yet. When I do the 2 steps at a time I see the difference in my but because that is like doing lunges.

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answers from Philadelphia on

can you do lunges while you climb the steps?
also when I'm washing my hands when I'm being good and exercising, I do side bends (bringing my oe hand all the way in the air and the other down to my ankle) counting to 26 so my hands are getting clean in the process and then the next time I do 26 squats...only works if you can use a private bathroom=)
both of thos work quickly and target for M.

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answers from Austin on


I climb 60 flights of stairs, 4 times a week and let me tell you... there is a noticeable difference in my gluts and of course legs =)

I do feel it in other parts of my legs depending on what else I've been doing for exercise but overall the stairs are what got my gluts rock hard and of course, overall great for cardio.

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answers from Lincoln on

Beachbody's Brazil Butt Lift is awesome for your butt, hips and legs. You can get it at That's my website, I'm a beachbody coach. One of the Victoria Secret Supermodels uses this workout.

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