Tap Water or Bottled Water for Formula

Updated on July 29, 2008
S.K. asks from Cypress, CA
6 answers

hello! thanks in advance for reading and replying to my question! :) i've been using bottled water but am wondering if i should change to brita or tap water? what in your opinion is the safest?

thanks and have a great day!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Stef:
Because our cities lack really clean water. Water without lead,it is best, to boil all your water and then keep it in the frig for the days formulas.Even if your water has been tested to have little lead, your pipes throughout your home may produce to much lead,to be safe for your baby. Regular drinking water from your market , is not much better than tap,matter of fact it has no floride in it.If you find it easier, to purchase water, go for sparklets drinking water. I wish you and your growing baby the best.



answers from Los Angeles on

I always just use the filtered water from my fridge for any water we use for drinking or cooking. I don't know how safe tap water is, I think it depends on your location. So, if you are going to use tap water, then definitely use a filter such as Brita. Go this route and you can stay green by not buying all the plastic bottles. Formula is expensive as it is, so don't add to the cost with buying water too.



answers from San Diego on

Hi Stef,if you have a brita, that's good, or if you have a water purifier on your sink, that is good as well, but right from the tap, I wouldn't unless you boil it first, they actually have baby water hat you can get at the grocery store that is just for babies. J.



answers from Honolulu on

With my first child I used bottle Nursery water for every bottle up until she switched to reg. Milk at 14 months. This time around with my son..I have a Pur water cooler in my fridge and use water from there. Though at times I use it from the sink because where I live they filter and flourinate our water..so it's perfectly safe and my house is only 7 years old. I'd check with your city to see the water quality and if your in a home less than 20 years old I'd say go ahead nad use tap water..but if your unsure..get a brita or pur filter and use water from there. Or go the route of buying nursery water it's about $1.00 per gallon, it's filtered and contains flouride. Hope that helped.


answers from Las Vegas on

Hi S., here is a little exerpt on flouride I found. "Dental fluorosis occurs because of the excessive intake of fluoride either through fluoride in the water supply, naturally occurring or added to it; or through other sources. The damage in tooth development occurs between the ages of 6 months to 5 years, from the overexposure to fluoride. Infants should not be bathed for long periods of time in fluoridated water as fluoride is absorbed through the skin." Well, I wouldnt think you would want to expose your baby to excessive flouride. I'd go with bottled or filtered water for sure!

Here is more about toxics in your environment




answers from Reno on

I used the Brita filter with all three of my kids! I just bought one of the pitchers with the filter in them and kept it on the counter so that when I made the bottles the water was already at room temp and did not take as long to heat up as it did if the water came from the filtered pitcher in the fridge. Then as the babies got a bit older I no longer needed to heat the bottle at all. Good luck with whatever you choose to do and have a wonderful day with you family :)

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