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Updated on March 23, 2008
T.S. asks from Jamaica, NY
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I just wanted to know if anyone no of any agency's in NYC that I could take my daughter who will be 2 in April? I heard those people in the mall that approaches people are not so good.

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I work in the modeling industry (with the women and men). For kids, the 2 best are Ford and Wilhelmina. After that, I think Rachel't Tots and Teens, Funny Face kids, if Gilla Roos has a kid's division, they're good as well. I think that if you go to any of them, they actually have a list of the other ones (if they don't take you).

Ford and Wilhelmina def don't make you "buy" pictures. If they take you, you just leave snapshots with them.

It is not as easy as people think. You drag your kid to a casting, wait with a ton of other kids and parents, they take a picture of the child. And then you "might", a big "might", get the job. They also have laws on how many hours a child works. Babies can't work more than 2 hours a time, not sure what it is for toddlers. So, if you're in the city (Manhattan) it's a lot easier than if you're driving in from someplace else.

Good luck,

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I brought my daughter to AdKids in NYC from the time she was 6 months old. They were fantastic with her and called her for auditions frequently. I stopped going because we live in Secaucus and it cost more just to park and bring her to auditions than it would have paid out for us. But if you're looking in NYC, they were fantastic! Their website is www.adkids.net.

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Please don't trust any mall person that approaches you. I was approached with my granddaughter, and they gave me a song and a dance....how cute, etc. But i was smart enough contact better business bureau, and found they were frauds. Check to see if the marge mcdermott agency is in manhattan on 37th street, and first avenue.

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Possibly this might be the answer for you. This will cost you

no money.

I air a weekly show on Time Warner and on Cablevision, yes, that's television. There is no better way to show your baby and introduce her to the world than through television.

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It isn't that those people aren't so good. its just that a consult with a talent scout is free but the packages they want you to enroll you child in can cost you upwards of $2,000. I put my child in one in manhattan i loved the environment and the teachers were really good but...don't get your hopes up too high their are plenty of parents out there willing to spend thousands of dollars to get thier kids some spotlight. If you do want to put your child in these things and spend a lot of cash in the process PLEASE make sure you go to absolutely every audition that is available for you daughters age group. Lots of child stars are discovered in malls(ashley tisdale), but there is no cheap way about it.



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The best way to go, and we did it for our son it's to send three snapshots of your child to all the modelling agencies. If they are interested they will call you back.
My son is signed with Wilhelmina and tthis is what I did.



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I have to advise against modeling of any sort for your child.It IS NOT the glamorous lifestyle it depicts!There are disreputable people all ovr that industry and can be very dangerous to your child.It is a haven for pedophiles.Please be VERY careful if you do go anywhere.Your child is worth more than the fleeting fame or excitement.God Bless.
I did this as a youngster and as a teen myself and it was a very unhappy memory.Definately not worth it...even the money,which can be good.It is like selling your soul.

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