Taking Toddler to Sesame Street Live Show - First Time

Updated on March 02, 2010
T.S. asks from Langhorne, PA
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My son got 2 tickets for his 2nd birthday to see Elmo's Green Thumb at the Sovereign Bank Arena in New Jersey. This will be his first 'real' theater type show (we have season passes to Sesame Place so he's seen those shows). What I was wondering is if one ticket is for him and one is for me (or my husband) to take him. His aunt who got them didn't know either. I know he wouldn't sit in his own seat. I don't know how these places 'count' children (like under 1 is free because they need to sit with a parent or as long as they occupy a seat they need a ticket). I have no idea. I would hate for just one of us to take him only to find out that we all could have gone because my son would be on someone's lap. I'm also really hoping that he will be good because he will want to try to rush the stage to see the characters. Also, what can I and can't I take into the venue for him (snack/drink-wise). Thanks for the help!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Every venue is different. Call and ask.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We saw it in Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena and I agree - one ticket per person, regardless of age. Be prepared to leave early (my daughter is almost 3 and was mesmerized, but most of the 2 and under set could have cared less). The characters stay on and around the stage, so unless you have floor seats, your son won't be able to "rush" the stage. We did manage to bring our camera, a baggie of goldfish and a sippy cup of water in, but fed her on the way (her favorite takeout of ChickFilA). Good luck!


answers from Allentown on

Hi, T.:

Call and ask. D.


answers from Erie on

When we went, our venue was 1 & under was free as long as they sat on your lap, but anyone over that age had to have a ticket. we took anything we could fit into our diaper bag to keep him occupied :) food included!



answers from Philadelphia on

I tried to look it up for you, it looks like Elmo's Green Thumb is at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden. You purchase tickets from Live Nation which says in their FAQ "For most events children two (2) years of age and under do not need a ticket to enter the venue, unless they will require a seat. Children three (3) years of age and older do require a ticket." When Elmo Grows Up is playing at the Sun National Bank Center formerly the Sovereign Bank Arena whose FAQ says "Any child who has reached their 2nd birthday needs a ticket to any event at Sun National Bank Center.
Please Note: Some events require children of age 1 to have a ticket to an event. Please check with the Box Office or Comcast Tix if you have any questions."

As for food, you can usually get away with bringing in sippy cups/bottles and child specific snacks. Don't bring anything you could get there.


answers from Chattanooga on

My son and I went just a couple of weeks aga to 'When Elmo Grows UP' LIve. One ticket is for your son and the other is for you. The show that we went to . My son is two and sat very entertained(amazing). At intermission they did sell these huge mylar Elmo's head ballons, $10. Intermission was the only time he left my lap, he was really well behaived - so proud. The snack/drink situation is usually up to the venue location. The show was 1 hr and 40 min, I brought some goldfish and a fruit granola bar, and his cup - There were 'No food and Drink' signs everywhere - but to my relief he didn't loose interest, and the only thing he wanted was his cup. It's a really good show. If you'd like I'll e-mail you a video clip of the show we saw, just let me know.



answers from Johnstown on

One ticket goes for one person. At those venues, anyone over the age of 1 yr will have a seat of their own regardless of if they use it or not. Only one parent can take the child unless an additional ticket is purchased. As long as you would have 3 tickets at the time you go in, you should still be allowed to sit together as long as someone is holding your son throughout the show. Most of the venues don't allow any outside snacks/drinks. And please, be careful with cameras. 99.9% will NOT allow them...especially if they are the nicer, more expensive/professional-looking ones. You should be safe with your cell phone though.

Have a fantastic time!


answers from Kansas City on

we did backyardigans live and had to buy tickets for the kiddos. and there were a LOT of kiddos. yeah. they charge for them. i think snacks/drinks are up to the venue so call them or look online. it being a kid show i imagine it will be pretty lenient. good luck and have fun! it's an adventure!



answers from Philadelphia on

I depends on the venue as others have said. We packed some snacks in the diaper bag, but as far as the tickets, I think you probably need one for him. Then again, when we took our kids to the SBA, we bought them tickets but the people behind us didn't so you should just call the venue. And double check your tickets - Elmo's Green Thumb is at the Susquahannah Bank Center in Camden. When Elmo Grows Up is at the Sun National Bank Center (formerly the Sovereign Bank Arena) in Trenton.

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