Taking One Year Old to Professional Basketball Game

Updated on March 03, 2010
C.T. asks from Arlington, TX
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We have the opportunity to go to a professional game. Great seats! We love BBall. My issue is our son. He goes to bed no later than 8. We don't have anyone to watch him, so we will have to take him with us. It has just been within the past two weeks that I got him on a schedule and he is sleepig through the night. Do I dare disrupt his sleep so that we can go to this game? I am torn. Any ideas? Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Ladies - thank you so much for your responses. I am sitting here with my DH watching the MAVS game at home. We decided not to go. I just could not mess with his schedule, and you all had great points about the noise and how we may disruptive to others -- I really had not thought about that. I guess it's obvious that I am a first time mom. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to go again, and will have a babysitter.

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answers from New York on

I wouldn't worry so much about the schedule but I have to admit, I'd never have taken a one year old to that kind of event because I would not have enjoyed myself. My kids wouldn't have sat in a seat or a lap at that age, they'd have wanted to run all over the place and I'd have been chasing rather than watching the game.

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answers from Dallas on

You've gotten some great answers. I would have to agree with the majority and say no. You will not have the same experience with him there, it will be too loud for him, and that schedule is precious. I always hated even the day light savings time change. You will pay for that disruption for days. I'd make a second attempt to find a sitter. Maybe a neighbor or someone you could ask a favor of.



answers from Austin on

Honestly, that sounds like a nightmare. I have never tried that, but can tell you that I would be the one having to clean up after him, take him out if there was a "fit", change diapers, etc...
I would highly recommend finding someone to watch him. There are great nanny services on the "internets". Or maybe you can trade with a friend?
It just doesn't sound like YOU would end up having any fun. Especially with such a cool special event!

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answers from Washington DC on

Would he have his own seat or would one of you be holding him all night?

I don't think I would take him to the game. Not only would you miss part of the game going for diaper changes, etc. Its tough for a 1 yr old sit still for 2 hours. Also, since they are great seats, and not the nose bleed, the people sitting around you may not be happy with having a toddler around.

Just my 2 cents.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi! I know this is going to sound strange, but I'd like to offer babysitting services. While I agree, you should not take him, I don't think one of you should go with a friend while the other stays home. You and your husband deserve to have a night out and the chance to go to a professional BBall game doesn't come along all the time. And with him being on schedule for only 2 weeks, it's risky disrupting that schedule so soon.

I have a responsible 18 year old step-daughter who would be willing to babysit for you. She's great with kids and helps out with my 9, 7, and 2 year old whenever I need her to without complaint, and I know she'd love the extra money. You could even meet her ahead of time, and get to know her before leaving her with your son. We live in Arlington, and it wouldn't be any trouble at all. Please, feel free to email me: [email protected]____.com if you would like, just put Mommapedia--babysitting in the subject!

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answers from Dallas on

Go Mavs~!
We recently took our son to his first 2 games and let me tell you IT WAS A CHORE! I felt like it was more of a babysitting job than a family outing.
I didn't see a minute of the game...I spent the entire time picking up his dropped toys, trying to pry him off the seats next to us, trying to keep him from kicking over the cup (which he ultimately succeeded in!), throwing the popcorn, etc. We wound up on the concourse looking at the airplanes that are hanging up instead of wathching the actual game.
The noise really wasn't a factor, it was keeping him entertained and STILL!

If you have a calm child I would say go for it, but if you've got a rambunctious one skip it - you'll want to leave early & your husband will likely want to stay.

Have a hot date with your man & find a sitter. Trade with someone at work, call the Church & ask if they have any nursery workers that babysit on the side, ask your daycare workers if they sit at night (if you have a daycare), or borrow a friend's sitter - a friend is the most reliable source... you might not know someone but I bet your best friend has someone on speed dial.

Had I to do it again I would most certainly make it an "adults only" couple of evenings. Even though I don't enjoy sports I would have enjoyed the time alone with my husband. It's nice to have a date (especially when the seats are good) every now & then!

- C.

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answers from Detroit on

This is a nice family treat/special occasion--break the rule!!
Just put him in his PJ's and brings a blanket, if he still fits in a baby bjorn put him in that and just cover him with a blanket, I am sure he will sleep just fine!
Have fun and enjoy!

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answers from Albuquerque on

Schedules are great but sometimes they do have to be disrupted. Your son is gonna have to learn to adapt sometime so why not do it now. I say go and enjoy yourselves, he'll be no worse for the wear!

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answers from Dallas on

Taking him wouldn't be on the top of my list of faves!

Hope you can figure out an alternative! This might be a time when splurging and spending money on a professional sitter service would be worth it. Afterward, I would start working on finding a source for babysitters!

Let us know what you end up doing and how it turns out!

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answers from Jacksonville on

I don't think you'll enjoy the game very much if you take him with you. My son wouldn't have sat nicely on my lap, nor gone to sleep in my arms, in that type of situation at that age. He would have been struggling off my lap and kicking and carrying on trying to get down and run around. I would have been miserable. He would have been miserable. And all the OTHER PEOPLE who paid handsomely for THEIR seats (and possibly paid extra for sitters at home to watch their kids) would also have been miserable. I say, if you can't find someone to watch him, then one of you should stay home with him, and the other should take a friend. At least that way one of you will get to go and enjoy the game. The folks sitting all around those seats of yours will be grateful.

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answers from Dallas on

I know you have a lot of answers but I thought I would put my input in. We have season tickets to Mavs this is the thing it is fine to take them to the game, but. If you have tried to get him on a scheadule for a while I would try and get a babysitter. If not than if he is sensitive to loud noises it might be really extreme. Also yes he probably will fall asleep but if you have not ever been or you don't get many date nights than it is not too much fun to have a child in your lap the whole time. they also don't have fun for very long why would they. Just my opinion but get a great babysitter many websites out there I think there is one on here ladybug something you can get one through them. Go have fun childless. We have a 4 year old and 9 month old and our 4 year old goes with my husband by himself but only likes the ice cream and popcorn. goodluck.



answers from Dallas on

Don't take him :) not so much about messing up his schedule but more you won't have any fun. I don't know a lot of people here either so I use kiddin around playcare (a drop off daycare). They are wonderful. I use the one in Frisco but there's another in Plano. I think during the week there open till 10 & weekends till midnight. They have a seperate infant room for kids up to 18 months w/cribs & all. I use them mainly during the day when I need to get stuff done. And there reasonably priced. Good luck!!



answers from Philadelphia on

I'm going to go against what everyone else said and say go for it if that's what you have to do. I took my son to a hockey game at 6 months and to several baseball games before he turned 2. He fell asleep in the carrier at the hockey game by the 2nd period and slept the rest of the game and I know he slept through a good part of at least one of the baseball games. He loved going to the baseball games and it was not really an issue at all. It would be a shame to miss out because you can't find a sitter.

What does your husband think? I would say try Sitter City or a babysitting service but if that doesn't pan out why should you and your hubby miss out...take the little guy along. He won't remember it but you will have stories to tell him about his first time at a pro game.



answers from Dallas on

Mother of three - get a sitter. You won't enjoy the game, your son will not remember it, and you culd disrupt a schedule you finally got him on. There are several great babysitters on call services - I like Grandma's. Have a night out with your husband!



answers from Detroit on

I would not take him.. 1. you will spend your entire time keeping your son entertained and not watching the game. 2. your son will not have fun.. he doesnt like basketball games. 3. the other fans will not enjoy having your son scream and cry. 4. it will disrupt his sleep schedule. 5. hire a babysittter or have 1 parent stay home. this is not a place for a young child.



answers from Dallas on

Don't take him. You can watch the game on tv or find a sitter. You are just setting yourself and your child up for a miserable evening if you take him.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Personally, I wouldn't have a good time if I had to be watching my O. year old the whole time. And it will be WAY too loud for him.
Why doesn't O. of you take a friend and the other stay home with the baby?



answers from Dallas on

I agree with drop in childcare. We love Adventure Kids!! There are many locations, but we use mckinney.



answers from Dallas on

As I agree with Shiya, schedules are not set in stone as well your son will need to learn to adjust to a modified schedule at times, taking him to the game IS A BAD IDEA. The noise alone will be too much but you will spend the evening watching him instead of enjoying a night with your husband. I've been right where you are at, it's a tough decision. I hope you find a resolution meets all of your needs.



answers from Dallas on

I'd say you need to pass on taking him. Not only will he probably be cranky for the sleep disruption...but you didn't mention the noise. It can be so loud at those things and can really hurt a babys ears. We just last year took our 6 year old to a UT football game and even for her the noise level was just too much and I ended up having to take her out in the lobby and just walk around the stadium. I would strongly discourage taking him.


answers from Kansas City on

i'm going to be honest - awful idea. not only will you be disrupting his sleep, have you considered the noise/chaos that he will be exposed to? think how your ears ring after being at a game. i just don't see how it would be okay at all.



answers from Boise on

I am in the same situation with sitters, but taking him would depend on him. Is he walking yet? Would he be willing to sit still? If he isn't totally trying to walk everywhere, I would put him in an Ergo, get some kid headphones for the noise, have snacks, have a blanket to put over him if he gets sleepy, and give it a try.

I would discuss with your husband the possibility that it may just be too much (if you decide to give it a try). And that way you are prepared for that situation. Are you or he going to take the baby home, and the other get a ride, or grab a taxi, are you all going to go? Are there going to be hard feelings if you do have to leave? If you can't come up with an acceptable backup plan, then you may have to skip it.

I would think that good seats at a bball game may have enough action to keep your son interested. My son (at about 6 months) loved a Shakespeare play, and a concert, but seemed overwhelmed and bored with a football game because we were too high and there was no focal point from up there.

I wouldn't worry too much about his schedule. Just go right back to it the next day. Good luck, and have fun.



answers from Tyler on

Hey -
I know you say you have no one to watch him, but have you really asked anyone? Trust me, I am often in this situation myself (single parent, no family anywhere around). But, sometimes I just get desparate and HAVE to find someone for some reason or another and I start asking EVERYONE I know if they know anyone (I have even walked over to neighbors and asked them). For the rare occassional watching that I need when I can't get one of my regular babysitters, I can often find someone (of course, it is not just anyone - it is someone recommended by people I do know/trust).

I don't know if you work or not, but I have sent out emails to my friends at work when I am in need and inevitably, someone comes back to me. If you don't work, enlist your husband to help you via his work.




answers from Tulsa on

I think I would scour the neighborhood and find a reliable babysitter. I have found babysitters through co-workers, through friends, neighbors, etc...surely there is someone in the phone book under babysitters, nanny's, child care, home day cares, etc...that have emplyees that are qualified to watch children in your home or find a home day care that is closed during those hours and see if they will take him for the few hours you will be gone. Child care workers have to go through background checks and have training. I found a lot just by looking up arlington yellow pages and searching for babysitters. I, of course, wouldn't trust just anyone but what if the two of you wanted to go out to dinner or something else in the future?

If all else failed I would go and take the baby with lots of things for snacks, toys to play with, all the things that he might want for a distraction. I think he might be infatuated with the crowd, noise, the people around him but then he might get cranky when it gets later but you can always go out into the restroom area and rock him to sleep by walking around a bit.

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