Taking Mucinex and Ibuprofen Together

Updated on September 15, 2012
E.V. asks from Tempe, AZ
6 answers

Moms, my son has green mucous and cough and sometimes feverish. He is still active though. He has had it since Wednesday. We got doctor appointment on Monday so I tried to give him medicationmyself.
Is it okay to give him ibuprofen and mucinex together?
He is eating well and drink a lot, too. Thanks...
What else I can do for him? Already give him lukewarm bath, be koool gel pad, vicks vaporub, have vaporizer at room and socks.

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answers from Columbus on

I take them both together, but there are children's versions that have multiple ingredients. Make sure they are single ingredient if you give them both together.



answers from Louisville on

Mucinex is the brand name for a drug called guaifenesin. There are no significant drug interactions with guaifenesin. It's ok to give mucinex and ibuprofen together.

Be careful with vic's vapor rub. There is limited clinically significant data proving it's usefulness. A humidifier and steamy showers, warm compresses to the sinuses, and a neti pot (if he's old enough for one) would probably be much more beneficial.

Good luck.



answers from Seattle on

I'd ring up the 24/7 Nurse Line through your local hospital and get their advice. (I can tell you what I'd do... but they are a better option. Free call.)



answers from Oklahoma City on

They have absolutely nothing in common drug wise so they should be fine. Musinex is the exact same med as is in Robotussin and Tussin. It is all Guafinisen. It is an expectorant that will loosen the mucus in his lungs. That is all it will do.

To get goo out of his sinuses you need to add some real Sudafed. You should be able to get it at a local pharmacy. Walmart and other large chain drugstores do not have the ability to order anything for themselves and they don't even know you can still buy real liquid Sudafed but I do at a real pharmacy, one that is family owned.

The doc might also add a nebulizer breathing treatment if the goo is in his lungs. You didn't specify... The med in the nebulizer vial dilates the tubes so that getting to goo up and out is much easier. The vial also contains sterile water and that makes the goo thinner and easier to get up and out too.

The things you are doing are fine. I would ask the pharmacist at the local family owned pharmacy though. They have more time for their customers plus the don't have so many faceless people coming through every hour night and day where they don't even care about patients any more.



answers from Charlotte on

Sounds like a sinus infection with the green mucous, though I'd still want to make sure it's not strep. Call your pharmacist up and ask about these medications together. I'm pretty sure it's okay, but I'm not a doctor or pharmacist.

Good luck,


answers from Kansas City on

When in doubt just pick up your phone and call the pharmacist and they can tell you about any drug and how it interacts, if it can be taken with another drug, etc. They are better than asking a doctor usually and definitely better than mamapedia. I use them so often. We have several that are 24 hour pharmacies too so you can even call in the night. I am so careful about mixing medications or even taking them period so I do call them often, well not really often but when I need to, and they are so helpful.

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