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Updated on December 15, 2008
C.W. asks from Lawrenceville, GA
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I am wondering if any one has any suggestions on getting a two yr old to take her medicine, She takes the first dose ok and then refuses the second dose later in the day when it is a twice a day medicine such as antibiotics or pain medicine? We had to hold her down and then she just spits it out all over her and us. So I am not sure how much she is actually getting of her prescribed dosage.

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So What Happened?


Thank you everyone for the advice. She ended up taking her meds with bribery Chocolate work great for a lot of things.

I am happy to say she took all the remaining medicine great after that!

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answers from Macon on

The only thing that works for my almost 3 year old is bribery. I try to choose my battles and that is not one I care to choose, so I let her know she can have a sucker or a fruit roll-up as soon as she takes it and the resistance immediately ends. She even takes it without mixing it with anything at all. Around 2 is about the age she started fighting it and I have also found that letting her hold the spoon or cup helps, too. Good luck!

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answers from Atlanta on

I'd mix it with juice or a yogurt smoothie made at home, now remember just a small amount so she will drink all of it. Fruits can mask over the taste really well.....I've done what I have to, to get kids to take meds. Many times they do taste really bad. Best of luck.



answers from Augusta on

Mix it with a little bit of juice or milk, making sure she dosen't see. I know they tell you not to do that but if its a small amount of drink she will get it all and she's taking the first dose so you know it won't effect her talking med later :)



answers from Charleston on

I just went through a horrible experience with this. My daughter had pneumonia and refused her antibiotic and even with holding her down, she would spit it out. I tasted her first antibiotic and it did have a horrible chewed up asprin like taste to it. I had to take her to the emergency room because of a high fever and not being able to get meds in her and they switched antibiotics to something that tasted better but my daughter still would not take it. I eventually got her to take it by mixing it in strawberry yogurt when she wasn't looking and letting her put mini m&m's in it. If she has to take another antibiotic soon I am not going to even let her know there is medicine in the house, taste it myself to see what it tastes like, and then try to hide it is something. The doctor recommended chocolate pudding but if the medicine if fruity and you mix it in pudding, they will detect the difference in taste. Same thing with things like milk. Your child knows what milk tastes like so they will know it tastes different but maybe you could cover the taste by adding strawberry syrup. Depending on the taste and consistancy, I read that OJ, cranberry juice, yogurt, pudding and applesauce are good at masking flavors. Good luck in the future.


answers from Spartanburg on

When we had this trouble we turned it into a family thing and all cheered for her and eventually she liked the attention from taking it well that we didn't have trouble any more. She has taken medication only once so we never repeated but it worked for that one dose! Good luck.

Best wishes!


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