Taking Job That Would Require a Move?

Updated on September 28, 2009
A.P. asks from Gainesville, FL
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Hi I am up for a job that I would love to have- the only problem is that it is an hour and 1/2 away. I could commute at first but eventually would have to move. The job means more money for me and my kids, and I could cut down the hours on my second job. It means more benefits too and more flexibilty. All great things. Three weeks ago I would have said yes! but lately I have been having trouble with my son disrespecting me and not getting up for school. The punishment I gave to him- taking internet & x box away made him very upset and he became even more a problem. I am separated from his father and I had to get his father to come and deal with him. I am worried how a move possibly mid school year will affect him and our family.

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answers from Tampa on

I would take the job. I'm sorry your son is upset about it. But this is what needs to be done to take care of your family and make you happy. Both are very important. Good luck!



answers from Jacksonville on

More time at home....take the job!


answers from Miami on


Have you every thought about working from home, to supplement your income? More money sounds great, but at what cost. Weigh your options.

Working from home with a legitmate company, that can replace or supplement your income is a rewarding opportunity. It's an option.



answers from Orlando on

How would the move effect time with dad? If it wouldn't reduce time with dad, then moving might still be ok.

You could also let your son, since he's the eldest and losing his friends at this age is very tough, live the rest of the school year with his dad so he's not uprooted. Plus, those early teen years, a boy really needs his dad more than his mom anyway. This would be an ideal time for him to stay with his dad quite frankly. Then when school is out he can come back to your house and you all, as a family (mom, dad and son) can decide what to do for next school year.

I will add that my parents moved to a new area when I was 15. It was a disaster and remains one of the biggest turmoils of my life even though I am now in my mid 30's. All of the friends I had grown up with since kindergarten went on with their lives while I was thrown into a new school of kids who had all grown up together and weren't keen on letting in an outsider. As a result I don't have many close friends from my childhood. I will never attend a high school reunion either. It is a VERY rough age to yank a kid out of their social setting.

If you can find a way to let your son stay in his surroundings, while you and your daughters embark on your new adventure, you will have the best of all worlds.

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