Taking Almost 4 Year Old Out of Preschool

Updated on November 30, 2009
S.M. asks from New Windsor, NY
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I have a daughter who will be four in Jan. She has been in preschool for the past couple of months. I have two other children a 2 year old and a 4 month old. My husband and I want to keep her there but it starting to get financially difficult. We just bought a new house and already limited expenses extremely, cutting cell phone, cutting down cable, just enough expenses for my home, groceries and food for my children. We would like to keep her in but we are struggling bad. Would I be a bad mom if I keep her out until she is ready to go to public school sept/2010. She would be in pre-k.


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answers from Syracuse on

You would NOT be a bad mom. Your daughter will be fine if you pull her out of pre-k. You can teach her things at home if that is the main reason she is in pre-k. You can get flashcards, dry erase books that teach alphabet, numbers and shapes,colors at the dollar store. Don't forget to go to the library too. Many have story time and its great to get her new reading/learning material at no cost. You can also get her "socialized" this way if that's what your looking for. Our library is a smaller one and the same families usually come every week or every other week to the story time. I think even the Barnes and Nobles has story time so you could get some you time too. I would recommend taking her to a zoo if you have one near you, mommy and me classes, playgroups, MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) if there is one near you and all of you could go. There are so many alternatives to traditional pre-k and she can still learn so much. There are good websites too that offer free activities for toddlers to do at home, you just gotta dig a little (i love the national geographic junior site and the PBS site)
If your income is lower you might look into WIC or something like that to help with your food costs. HTH



answers from New York on

Hi S.,

Pre school is not pre-k so there is no harm in keeping her home. And since she has siblings she has a social network and you can set up playdates every now and then to keep he in her peer group. Keep her out till 2010 and enjoy her while she is home. A. B



answers from New York on

Don't beat yourself up over this one! Do what you need to do to keep food on your table and find activities to do with your children that are enriching and fun.

Congratulations on the new house~



answers from New York on

I didn't send my kids to pre-k, not because of anything else other than I wanted to be with them before elementary school started. My kids learned a whole lot more with me at home than they would have in pre-k. But they did lack the socialization part, which for me, come to find out, is very important.

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