Taking 4 Week Old on Plane

Updated on September 14, 2008
D.P. asks from Huntington Beach, CA
4 answers

any advice, hints, etc. Were going across the country.

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Here's the good news: a 4 week-old is 100 times easier than a six month-old! It's much simpler when they aren't mobile. My baby has been on several flights since he was born (mostly short trips to see Grandma in Northern CA), and he's always done great.

1. Formulate a game plan to get through the Security check point! Everything has to go through the x-ray machine, including the folded stroller and car seat. You can bring formula through, but it has to be pre-prepared. If you're bottle-feeding, invest in the ready-to-feed bottles-- it's worth the expense.

2. They always call "families with small children" to board the plane first, but don't do it! The longer you spend OFF the plane, the better.

3. Ask the flight attendant for extra pillows to prop up your elbows and/or the baby while breastfeeding.

4. Very few plane restrooms come equipped with infant changing tables, unfortunately. Chat with a flight attendant before you sit down to determine a game plan for baby changing. I once had a very sweet flight attendant let me use the floor in their seating area to change my baby. Better there than in the aisle!

5. Bring infant Tylenol. The cabin pressure didn't bother my baby until he was 5 months old, but it's better to be prepared! If possible, try to nurse your baby during taxi and take off-- it helps relieve the ear pressure.

6. On one flight, I brought tons of ear plugs and gave them out to the people in the seats around me as a peace offering. Inevitably, your baby will cry. Do your best, and keep a sense of humor, apologize sincerely, and you'll be fine.

Good luck!



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My son did great at two months - doctor said nurse on the way up and the way down. We had a layover on one flight so the one hour flight he was basically nursing the whole time! I was worried sick but everything was fine. Have a great trip!



answers from Los Angeles on

I suggest that during take off and landing you are either nursing or giving a bottle to the baby to normalize the pressure in her ears.



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yea dont go stay home, poor baby is gonna have ringing in the ears, she cant pop, upset tummy, sleeping pattern all out of wack, hopefully you wont bring her around anybody because she isnt protected against diseases from foreigners here in ameriac we dont have chicken pox over seas they do, your baby catches chicken pox at this age serious trouble..

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