T Zone Redness and Flakey

Updated on February 03, 2009
K.I. asks from Randolph, ME
8 answers


i have always had an oily tzone but after years of sunburns to the face i now have a very dry and flakey tzone. My forehead and around my nose. It is dry and it is flakey and very red. I have tried moisturiser creams some greasier ones work but it leaves my face greasy. Doesnt really cure the redness either. Anyone have any other ideas? Anything would be greatful.
Thank you

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answers from Boston on

Try proactive....it's great!
Also- you are an angel for taking on another child..I'm sure the mom is a rest knowing her baby is ok.
Good luck!



answers from Springfield on

Have you tried Jafra's royal jelly? It's their signature product and been around as long as the company. They use royal jelly on burn victims. It's really expensive if you buy it alone but I know lots of people that buy it alone because they love it so much. I think they are crazy but hey... I keep some on hand for really dry or problem skin and my hubby even uses it sometimes.



answers from Boston on

Hi K.!

I am a Future Sales Director with Mary Kay. I have customers that have had the same concerns. I would recommend that we get together so that you can try the skin care products. It's all about using the products that are right for your skin. (try it before you buy it) I will tell you that I do have the products that will reduce both the redness and the dry skin. You will LOVE the results!

Mary Kay products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed! We have been around for 45 years and are the beauty care experts.

Feel free to give me a call at ###-###-####.

Have a great day,



answers from Boston on

Have you tried Reliv's skin care line? Their products really do a lot to balance and repair the skin at the right ph level. There's a lot of research into what a healthy skin cell needs, and the stuff isn't just thrown out on the drug store shelves with a lot of advertising. The company really stands behind things. You can use a very very small amount and the products really last a long time. The 15 YO could also benefit - this is the age of skin problems for many teens.

You can also consider a top notch supplement to repair from the inside out. That can have a huge effect on skin, which is your largest organ. I'd be glad to talk to you more if you want to pursue this.

Congratulations on your wonderful family - you have worked hard to build a unit and I'm sure it's not easy.



answers from Providence on

have you tried any of arbonne's products they are fabulous. they are all botanically based ph correct dern tested never tested on animals no fragrances no mineral oil my business is lsited on mamasource. if you are interested in trying a sample of this great product email me you adress and i'll pop some in the mail K. d mother of 13 11 8 and 20 mths



answers from Bangor on

have you ever tried Arbonne? If you are interested in a Free Sample I will let you know how to get one to see if it is right for your skin.



answers from Boston on

My husband has a red and flaky T zone. The Dr suggested hydro cortisone such as courtison 10. Rub it in a couple times a day every day. When he is consistent in remembering it does make a big difference, but it will come back if you stop using it consistently.


answers from Boston on

Hi K..
I specialize in make up and skin care and one thing that I have learned is that sometime it's what you take that works not what you put on your skin. I have reccommended aloe (that you drink) for some folks and there are a couple other antioxidants and formulas that may help. In order for make up to look good you must have good skin but in order to have good skin many times you have to start from the inside out.
If you would like some more information on some products just let me know.

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