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Updated on March 03, 2013
G.S. asks from Hopatcong, NJ
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My 15 yr dd was diagnosed w/MERSA today by a. number of e/r dr's. She was put on a heavy dose of bacttim, a topical antibiotic and we need to follow up w/her ped Monday morning. She is to take benadyll to prevent spreading
She is conjested & also complaining of muscle aches. A few years ago she had a staph infectkon and sbe had a rash that later developed into whelts, but these are leasions. Am i just being a nervous nelly or isn't thiz MERSA sometbing to be concerexith? I appreciate any insight.

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So What Happened?

I truly appreciate all of the responses I received. They put my mind at ease until I was able to contact our pediatrician this morning. He seemed to agree w/the E/R doctor & is continuing w/the original course of action, but did prescribe a stronger topical ointment that is available only by prescription. My dd is to continue w/her oral rx & is able to return to school tomorrow, provided no more sores appear. Again, I thank you for helping me keep calm.

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answers from Atlanta on

Yes, this is very concerning. Maybe you need another doctor. I'd get all the info I can on this and also the not so conventional knowledge. There could be herbs or othr treatments. Pure, cold pressed castor oil may help, there are all kinds of sites you can look into that may be helpful.

This sounds bad and I hope for your daughters sake she's completely healed swiftly. -- Sending best for you both and prayers for healing and health.

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answers from Washington DC on


I'm really sorry!! That doesn't sound like MRSA to me...i would get a second opinion!!

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!! I hope it isn't serious and goes away fast!! Healing thoughts your way!!

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answers from New York on

Gerri, It is MRSA, I have not heard of using bactrim as the choice to treat MRSA. But that doesn't mean it is not used. If she is taking heavy dose antibiotics make sure that you check with her pedi about adding a probiotic such as culturelle while she is on the antibiotics, this will help prevent her from getting C-diff an antibiotic resistant form of diarrhea often associated with antibiotic use.

I have never heard of using benadryl to prevent MRSA from spreading (benadryl is for allergies).

Where is the MRSA? in an open cut, blood or her sputum? It makes a difference. I am guessing it is an open cut because you mention that she is using a topical antibiotic. Just be careful MRSA is very contagious, wash your hands frequently and keep the area covered. Make sure that your daughter also washes her hands frequently, especially after touching the affected area.

Here is a good link to learn more about MRSA

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answers from New York on

Wondering....how did t hey feel she contracted this? Mrsa is dangerous and requires a heavy antibiotic due to its resistance to most. Please go to an infectious disease md and get a better picture of what she has and the best way to treat her. Keep us posted and I hope she is better soon!

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How did an ER diagnose this. You need to get a culture and it takes several days for it to grow. I am assuming they did this. If they did not get a culture, she is being treated blindly. I would find out if it was cultured. If it was call your doctor in 48 hours. They may have a preliminary report.
In any case, follow up with ped first thing Monday morning.

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answers from Detroit on

mrsa.. i am guessing this is a skin infection.. some infected sore or woung.. yes.. mrsa can be serioius.. but if it is a skin infection.. it can be treated with oral nad topical antibiotics.. i bet the benadryl is just so she doesnt itch and spread it by itching..

if she seems sicker tomorrow take her back to the dr. or er.

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