Updated on March 20, 2009
C.G. asks from Edmond, OK
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I would love to find a T-Shirt that says My Kids Rock. Does anyone know where I can find one? My daughter is having a rockstar party in a few weeks and I would love to get this shirt to wear. I saw one at the affair of the heart but they only had the ones that said My Kid Rocks and I want it to say Kids. They only had one that said Kids but it was an XL and I couldn't fit into it.

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you can also try tikitees.com. Its reasonably priced and you can design the t-shirt! Its a local company in Edmond, Oklahoma. They are super cool! Good luck.



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Hey Girl!

Check out Uberprints.com. You can pick any shirt style/color & put any design or words you want on it. We've used them several times. That's where I made Jakes "I peepee standing up" shirt. Great shirts & great service.
Have fun!



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What I would do is make my own. You can go to Walmart and buy plain t-shirts in a variety of colors. Then go to Michael's and check out the variety of ways you can decorate them. You can paint, use transfers, sponges, crayons, tie dye, etc... Make it into a fun party activity and let all the kids make their own version. We used to make a different kind of t-shirt every year for our kids at the beginning of the summer. We would use these t-shirts whenever we would go somewhere as a family (like the zoo). Then, if one of them got out of my sight, I would be able to tell people helping me find them, "he has a shirt on just like these two". It was easy to keep track of them that way, and the kids loved making their own shirts.



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I saw one that was super cute on pinkyscout.com and then I saw the price tag! 60 bucks...Unless it was emblazoned with gold made from fairy dust I don't think I'd ever spend more than 25 bucks on a t-shirt! lol....I also saw one on cafe press.com that was 21.99 but the words were really tiny....Here are the links to both. http://www.pinkyscout.com/store/Paperlili-My-Kids-Rock-Bl...


But if you want to save money and have exactly what you want, I would go to the store of your choice and pick out a plain colored t-shirt in the style, color and cut of your choice. Then head over to a craft store and buy some iron on letters and DIY. That way you get exactly what you want and don't have to spend a small fortune. Hope that helps and have a great time a the party!

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