Systemic Yeast Infection Diagnosis and Treatment

Updated on February 03, 2012
S.H. asks from Stafford Springs, CT
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My husband has been suffering from chronic "fibromyalgic" symptoms for a couple of years and for possibly much longer (chronic headaches, body aches, lethargy, plus many more). Without the help of doctors, we have narrowed it down to a systemic yeast infection and/or a systemic yeast infection co-existing with Lyme. We are seeing a Lyme specialist in April, but don't want to put all our eggs in one basket since we have had no luck in getting an accurate or good diagnosis for either condition thus far. For example, the nurse practioner we saw today said she didn't believe in systemic yeast infections and that she nor the doctor were qualified to make a clinical diagnosis of Lyme - umm, okay (the initial Lyme tests came back negative, which they often do in cases of chronic Lyme).

How were you diagnosed with a systemic yeast infection (doctor, self-diagnosis, etc.)? Did you have to suffer any misdiagnosis? What were your symptoms and how did you treat it?

Also, we have begun to treat with CandiGone - did anyone have any luck with this, or is there another method of self-treatment that you found to be superior.

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answers from Minneapolis on
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answers from Phoenix on

Systemic yeast infection is not a recognized diagnosis among most medical professionals. I didn't even find it plausible until after taking a 2 hour diabetic screening (think sugar and lots of it--so basically the yeast were feasting) my symptoms of colitis, extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, inability to concentrate, and irritability became incredibly worse within hours. I went on a very strict diet as prescribed by an internet site for 1 week and my energy increased and my symptoms calmed down. Then I added Kyolic Garlic Extract and experienced "die off" symptoms. You will want to read up on "die off" because it makes one feel terrible and is very discouraging. After taking Garlic and continuing with the diet for a month, I switched to caprylic acid and 3 weeks later to grapefruit seed extract. I lost a little weight (10 lbs) in the process but my symptoms all disappeared. Even the white coating on my tongue is no longer. I still follow a low sugar diet and occasionally repeat the anti-fungals to keep the yeast in check. If you want to formally be diagnosed, you will want to see a naturopath. Please read The Yeast Connection and proceed very slowly with adding antifungals in order to prevent horrible die off symptoms that occur when your body in overloaded with excretion of dead yeast.
I'm not sure if all the ailments blamed on yeast overgrowth are legitimate, but I do know that after taking over a month of 3 different strong antibiotics for mastitis, another antibiotic later for sinus infection and some steroids for an inner ear condition, I felt TERRIBLE. I thank God that I no longer feel that way and I have the strength to take care of 3 lively children 6 and under. Best wishes!

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answers from Portland on

Most doctors do not recognize leaky gut syndrome, which I think is bull*#@.
I've had chronic yeast infections for years, and always followed antibiotics with diflucan. You know what that resulted in? Diflucan resistant yeast 2 years ago! I'm in the process of removing amalgam fillings, as the 2 are interconnected as well. The book The Yeast Connection was an eye opener for me.

So, I've self treated. I avoid white sugar/white flour/most vinegars. I limit fruit intake. I avoid packaged food and buy my meat from the local farm. I take a high quality probiotic with a 15 billion count. I eat lots of sauerkraut and yogurt with live active cultures. There are a couple of herbs that also helped in the tea form...pau d'arco and sweet leaf or bee balm. There are others, but those are my favorites. If yeast is a problem, he will experience some die-off symptoms for a bit.

With or without a lyme diagnosis, addressing gut flora balance is going to be key. There is an excellent book out by Steven Buhner called Healing Lyme Naturally. There are several herbalists in my area that are using his protocol as a basis for treating lyme cases. I do agree that fibromyalgia is often a misdiagnosis of lyme.

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answers from Seattle on

When was the tick bite??? Why is the treatment for Lyme Disease not until April? That's a very aggressive and serious problem. I had a colleague die of it. Or has your husband already been on the mega doses of antibiotics for Lyme disease and the yeast infection is a result of the treatment?

Most western MD's and their nursing staff will not take lightly to your self-diagnosing. They are trained to look at symptoms and diagnose. So be humble about your suspicions when sharing with the medical staff. Perhaps phrase your thoughts in a question..."is it possible that my husband's health issues are related to a chronic yeast infection?

There are tons of Pro-biotic choices on the market these days. Every store carries them....from powdered pill to liquid forms, even in milks at the grocery store.

To combat a serious yeast infection, your husband needs to ingest large quantities of pro-biotics, such as acidophilous tablets, liquid, milks and natural yogurts with live cultures. As well as, start using Organic Apple Cider in your foods..He can take a Tablespoon twice a day in water, or pure juice, or sprinkle on salads and veggies, like avocados and cucumbers are my favorites.

And cut out foods with a high yeast content, like beer.

Ditto Rachel below..

Have you considered seeing a DO? a doctor of osteopathy? They are trained to look at your entire system.

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answers from Las Vegas on

For many years, I had reoccuring yeast infections.. FINALLY.. I began to read up on the causes and cures.. Also, someone recommended I take Caprylic Tablets. Now, whenever I get a flare up (which is seldom, since my diet is not what it used to be) I take one and drink lots and lots of water.. this helps to flush the dead yeast out one one's system. The tablets work like a dream. However, that which I also had to do was eliminate/cut down on some of the culprits which yeast thrive upon : Sugar(s), Cured foods, fermented, white flour and the list goes on. There is much info on the net.. I especially like Drmercola. com .. a free website where you can read up on both disorders.. Additionally, know that hormones DO play a significant role when it comes to both problems..

Also, check out HERPLACE. COM another FREE site.. Dr. Vliet whom specializes in women's medicine has a specific questionnaire that you can answer in relation to Fibromyalgia .. some of which is believed to be hormone related.. Anyway, she has some good books out there that I found helpful..

Overall, I found that diet, exercise and sleep made a huge difference in my health.. I think if you can find the right practitioner out there to help get you on your way, you can become healthier..

p.s. I noticed another post of yours with regard to Progesterone and its effects.. Definitely check out Dr Vliet.. that is her whole schtick..... HORMONES. you'd be surprised what progesterone will do and if it's not administered in the right dose...

again, good luck

I wish you and your husband all the best..

good luck!

keep us posted!!

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answers from Texarkana on

Not sure about systemic yeast infections, however I got Lyme disease in Aug 2010. Was bit by tick on 8/14/10. 3 weeks later had severe, disabling headaches and my head, face, shoulders and arms jerked uncontrollably 3 weeks later. It looked like I was having a seizure but I was conscious. (It wasn't seizures.) Because of an excellent neurologist who wouldn't give up on me, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in September and had a PICC line; she treated me with Rocephin 2 Grams twice daily and doxycycline 3 times daily by mouth for 30 days. I was cured of Lyme! My Lyme test was negative and it wasn't chronic, it was acute. Find an MD who will not give up on your husband. Left untreated, I would have ended up in a wheelchair. Good luck.

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answers from Boston on

Low sugar, low starch and grain diet(yeast feeds on sugar, so drastically limiting it will effectifely starve the candida yeast). High potency probiotics and sachromyes(a Yeast that actually eats candida yeast, very effective!) sachromyces also help with "candida die off" which is basically your body detoxing when yeast starts to die off, it can cause free radical damage, acne, cravings for sugar, inflammation, sachromyces limits this die off because it consumes the yeast. you can find these at whole foods. CandiGone is a great product, but it won't be entirely effective without doing these other things. This is your best option to get candida overgrowth under control. I've battled it myself, and I see it all te time as a Health Coach. Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

I do not have any experience with Lyme's but have heard from co-workers that it is important to find that Lyme specialist.

However, the chronic yeast infections and diet changes I do have experience with. Unfortunately my son, who has Ulcerative Colitis (dx at 2yrs old) needed to use a diet called Specific Carbohydrate Diet, or SCD which talks a lot about bad bugs in your gut and how they can affect your health and makes you get rid of sugar creating carbohydrates in your diet. We did the diet for 1 year and his symptoms of UC are gone. You can reference the book called Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall.

There are specific probiotics that combat yeast so be sure to investigate the right ones, others can exacerbate the symptoms of yeast. We used Saccharomyces Boulardii which I bought at
As mentioned by other people yeast die off can make you feel sick. We started with a small amount of S. Boulardii increasing it weekly until finally his digestion started to become more normal. Today we hardly use them.

I wish you and your DH all the best. Chronic illnesses are a strain on the whole family and I hope that he can find some relief somewhere.


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answers from Bangor on

I recently had a 4-part oral surgery, spread out over several months, and had to go on antibiotics each time. The first two times I just took the antibiotic, and each time got a yeast infection. The next two times I took Shaklee's probiotic, Optiflora.
Optiflora is a unique, two-product system (Optiflora Prebiotic Complex and Optiflora Probiotic Complex) that provides dietary support for the normal, healthy balance of intestinal microflora. Together, this system promotes colon health by supporting the growth of healthy microflora naturally found in the colon. It also delivers guaranteed live probiotics Bifidobacterium longum and Lactobacillus acidophilus, along with the prebiotics FOS and inulin and provides gammatocopherol, a nutrient associated with colon health.
You can take just the Optiflora Probiotic, and it's a tiny pearl, so easy to swallow. I took 2 a day for awhile, and continue to take one every day. I have never had another yeast infection. I also have a friend who has been treated for Lyme disease 3 years in a row. She uses the Shaklee product and had some good success in feeling less joint issues.
You can purchase it online, 100% guaranteed, or read more about it at Type "probiotic" in the search bar.
I can answer any questions at [email protected]

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answers from Springfield on

Probably most Americans have some yeast imbalance. I had it systemically some years back and this is (briefly) how I successfully treated it.

--No bread or wheat products for at least 60 days.
--No sugar--use sweeteners like Xylitol or Stevia; no fruit, especially dried.
--Eliminate any other thing that might cause leaky gut inflammation--like dairy, eggs, ground nuts.
--Lots of fiber, esp. first thing and early in the day. You need this to eliminate the yeast.
--Oregano oil capsules (New Chapter has organic ones) for three weeks on and three weeks off. Can also try Candida Take Care from New Chapter--basically a cranberry supplement.
--Substantial amounts of probiotics the whole time: need both bifidus (lower gut) and acidopholus (upper) strains--take 90-120 billion parts per day. I like New Chapter's "All Flora" but there are several good ones avail.
--used cold laser therapy from my chiropractor--can zap yeast infection with a certain MHz.

Good luck and trust yourselves! It won't hurt to do a candida cleanse. Just be sure you're also eliminating it (through fiber and other means) from the body.

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answers from Boston on

i was just reading an article about this the other day...I thought hey this is me. fatigue, headache, frequent yeast infections (at least 6-8 per year), very dry flaky skin. persistent skin rashes which go away with aggressive anti-fungal treatments and always return at least once a year, ear/sinus infections treated with antibiotics, itchy inner ears, worse when consuming large amounts of sugar like for the prenatal glucose test, and many other things. I did the spit test ...spit into a glass of water first thing in the morning. if your spit floats you're fine but if it sinks, turn the water cloudy, or has strings hanging down yo may have yeast). I have yet to try anything but probiotics so far.. and was going to try and talk to my Primary Care doctor or nutritionist soon. Let me know how it turns out!

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