Syncing Downloaded Songs Ipod to New Computer

Updated on January 29, 2012
D.E. asks from Mineral Wells, TX
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I can generally figure out technogy, but not this. :( We bought a new computer a few months ago and I CANNOT for the life of me figure out how to sync the songs that I downloaded on my old computer, that are on my ipod, to my new computer. Am I going to be forced to download all those cd's on this computer too?! It is ALOT of songs....Any help would be GREATLY apprecited!! Thank you!!

Edit: We did not buy a MAC, we bought a hp.

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answers from Dallas on

Actually, the "one device" or "MAC only" ssues are no longer valid between MAC & PC (or so I was told - and we have three devices on our PC).
What I did was download the new version of iTunes to computer from the web. plug in my device and sign into my account when prompted. From there, I saw all my songs - bonus - i also saw all my husband's songs as they were on the Itunes that was downloaded (??) and I uploaded some of his purchased songs to my device.
I am not a computer guru. I just stumbled my way through this process and it worked - hope it works for you too!
Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

This article might help you:

When we did this, I saved all my documents and music into one big My Documents folder on an external hard drive, then copied it over to my new computer. It took some time since it was a lot of files, but it worked fine, and I had a backup.

You definitely do not have to reload all the CDs... your music files are probably under your My Music folder and your iTunes folder and they can be copied just like any other file. After you copy all you documents over to your new computer, install iTunes, and then it will look for all the music files on your hard drive and import them on its own. There's even a file under your iTunes folder that will contain your playlists and everything. If you copy over all your files, then it should appear on your new computer too and iTunes will find it and it will be just like you had it before.

Good luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

If you have a Mac, and all your products are Apple products, you should be able to, via the desk top and your iPod etc., get it all synced and updated.
All "i" products, can be synced.

You can put what you have on your iPod, onto your desktop and visa versa.

Or if your new computer is a Mac, simply call the Mac tech help people.



answers from Cleveland on

do you still have the old computer to put them on a zip drive or somethign and then upload them to the new computer that way??

I'm sure someone more savy than me will have a great answer for you!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I assume you have a Mac?
Use your itunes acct info to activate iCloud & all devices can sync w/the press of a button.



answers from Dallas on

When we bought a new computer we backed up itunes onto an external hard drive then put that onto the new computer, everything was there and we were able to keep all of our cd's we had downloaded.



answers from Los Angeles on

I believe Apple has it set up so you can't download to more than one computer. You need to back it up then just load the back up onto your new computer. Or the guy at the Apple store told me to go to (itunes backwards) and they have a bunch of work arounds.



answers from Dallas on

It's kind of a tricky process, and if you don't do it correctly you could lose all your music. Go to Apple's website and they have help articles telling you exactly what to do. BTW, iCloud is awesome, but only music purchased from iTunes backs up to iCloud unless you pay $20 a year fee for iTunes match, so any music from your personal CD's you upload will not be backed up to iCloud. And be sure and deactivate your iTunes account on the old computer. You can only have 5 devices in a lifetime linked to your account. I don't have iTunes on my computer here at work so I can look at it to tell you exactly what to do, but in one of the drop down boxes on the upper left corner there is an option to deactivate account.

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