Symptoms Seem like a Urinary Tract Infection but Tests Say No

Updated on September 18, 2011
A.C. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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Has anyone else ever had the exact same symptoms as a urinary tract infection without testing positive for one? The doctor insists I do not have a UTI, but I have a horribly urgent need to go to the bathroom that has been getting more intense all day. Right now I am about at the point of tears. It also hurts if I push on my bladder, almost as if it is bruised.

I'm sorry to reveal personal stuff here, but I'm desperate -- my husband and I had sex three nights in a row. Last night was night number three. Due to his back problems, we spend most of the time not in the missionary position. So, is it possible I actually have a bruised bladder? The nurse suggested this. I could understand that causing me to feel the need to go to the bathroom often, but it doesn't seem like it would keep getting worse all day or that it would burn when I go. This happened last month as well, right after three nights of sex, so I definitely see a trend, but it just doesn't make sense. Last month the test came back negative for a uti as well. Any ideas?

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So What Happened?

It's ONE YEAR since I originally posted my question. Someone just responded, so I thought I would give an update. It's ovarian cysts! Don't know why my doctors took year to figure that out. We didn't figure it out until one started leaking and I felt like I was in labor (not pregnant, by the way).

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Ouch I have had UTI's but I always tested positive. I wouldn't be having sex if the symtoms are that bad! And wow 3 times in a row I wish I could find time! I hope you find out and get well keep us updated.

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I know your post was from 2010, but I have to respond and hopefully it will end you the msg! I had the same deal going on as you- went to a couple of urologists, tried a mild preventative antibiotic, tried laying off the caffeine, chocolate, spicy foods, alcohol, etc. Tried peeing after sex, blaa blaa blaa, every single piece of advice. Then I discovered I have an aunt who had the same problem. She has a doc who told her about this herbal pill called "Cysta-Q" that you have to order online (might be in stores by now?) but it seriously saved my life. It's like a miracle for constant hyper-sensitive urethras! Go to their website and read about it. Anyhow, you can take it every day with your vitamin, or you can take it whenever you feel the burning coming on, which is when I take it. It's got Quercetin (sp?) in it, which I think is the magical ingredient that helps flush your system of bacteria. I'm trying to share this with everyone I know, because my life is no longer miserable from this!



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Look up a condition called interstitial cystitis online and see if this sounds like a possibility. My mom thought she was having repeated urinary tract infections and it ended up being this often mis-diagnosed condition.


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If your urine is diluted too much from drinking too many fluids prior to giving the sample it will reduce the number of bacteria present and that could lead to a false negative result.

If the results are correct and you do not have a UTI, your MD should recognize that you are experiencing symptoms that are abnormal and look further into the cause, if your doctor is not doing this I would change doctors and get one that is more willing to investigate the cause of your symptoms. If this persist you may want to see a specialist, a urologist would be your best bet.

Good Luck



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Is you urine test sent to a lab for a full study, or are they just dipping a bacteria stick in your urine? Not all UTI's test + on a dipping stick. You may have developed interstitial cystitis.
Either way it's time for a referral and an appointment with a Urologist.

It wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion from a Gynecologist. Your current Doctor's office seems to be guessing, rather than ordering tests to rule out various ailments and determine a definite diagnosis.

I wish you well,



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Yes-and it turned out to be interstitial cystitis. Here are the symptoms:

Common IC Symptoms in Women
You feel unexplained pain or pressure in the urethra, the vagina, the area above the pubic bone, the inside of the thighs, the lower abdomen, the lower back, the groin area, or any combination of these areas.
You feel pain during or after sexual intercourse.
You have frequent, sometimes painful, urination. (Normally, people urinate an average of 6 to 7 times per day. Patients with IC urinate an average of 16 times per day, and some urinate as often as 60 times per day.)
You wake up one or more times at night to urinate.
You feel the urge to urinate, sometimes even after you've emptied your bladder.
You have unresolved symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) that have not responded to antibiotic therapy.
Your symptoms come and go — flare-ups may be associated with menstruation, certain foods, allergies and stress.

My IC resolved itself once I began to live a more healthy lifestyle. I got it in my late 20s when I was partying way too much and also smoking.

Good luck-i know how frustrating it is to hope it is a UTI cause then it could be treated.



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You said it is happening monthly? I had the same problem, I was treated for 2 months with antibiotics and my doctor finally ran some test. I did not have a UTI, she did an ultrasound. I have ovarian cyst. If your symptoms are following your cycle, you may want to ask the doctor about it.



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Did your doctor do an internal exam? The last time I thought I had a uti, my doctor did an internal exam and found a growth of something and took a swab of it to send to the labs. She also gave me some medicine that killed almost any infection and it did.



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have they sent a urine sample to a lab to confirm it is negative? i had the same problem when i was pregnant, my doctor said no..but then a couple of days later i got a call saying the specimen they sent to the lab was your doctor and ask or request them to send a urine sample to a lab.



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For sure I'd increase my water intake so you can flush that bladder out a lot. Not sure about the rest but keep seeking medical answers in case there is something wrong. To cut back on unnecessary urgency, you can cut back on caffeine, tomato-based foods, citrus, and spicy foods.



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could be something called "spastic bladder". you can talk to your MD about a prescription for Detrol LA.


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Like the other ladies, I'd talk to my OB and get a referral to a Urologist if needed too...

BUT to answer your question... Yes. Sex in the not missionary can cause irritation and burning and feeling like you have a UTI. Been there done that. A little TMI, but when I had those issues... He was a bit larger than average.



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Try seeing a Urologist. They are specialists when it comes to the bladder and should be able to help you get to the bottom of this.



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I am sorry i have no answers gore you.just a comment. Three nights in a row! Wow! So envious!


I am sorry i have no answers gore you.just a comment. Three nights in a row! Wow! So envious!