Symptoms of Pregnancy Related to Gender of Baby

Updated on October 13, 2015
A.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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I am super excited. A very close friend of mine just found out she is pregnant with her second child. She says that I am her mentor in the multiple children department. I am the only one who has more than one child out of my group of friends so I'm excited to get to be the mentor. One of the first questions she asked was if my pregnancy symptoms were worse, better, or the same with the second child and if they were different in any way did it ever make me feel like the baby was a particular gender. For instance I had relatively easy pregnancy symptoms with my first - mild nausea, no morning sickness, some heartburn and the second child was mostly the same. They are both girls. She says that her symptoms seem to be more pronounced with the second pregnancy. More nausea, some morning sickness, bad heartburn where with the first she had virtually no symptoms. She had a girl the first time as well and is thinking that since the symptoms are different this one is a boy. It got me thinking if you have more than one child (experienced more than 1 pregnancy) were your symptoms the same or different and if they were the same were the children the same gender? Kind of a JFF/Poll question.

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answers from Dallas on

I had two boys then a girl. My symptoms were relatively the same, it was my body that was different. When I carried the boys, my boobs got a little bigger over time. With my girl, they were bigger immediately. I gained all my weight in my middle, all around, and my booty with my girl. I was a lot more round. I mean, I was running into things with my booty and my belly - ha!
My SIL had different symptoms for each pregnancy, but had all girls.



answers from Chicago on

Not really a difference. With my first, no sickness, just felt lousy if I forced my self to eat a lot and went nuts for dairy. Could not stand sugar too much. Last time it was a girl, same issue except meat was not appealing. Now, same issues but the smell of cooked food kills my appetite. This time it is a boy.

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answers from Jacksonville on

My daughter was an easy pregnancy....Except for my belly and the movement, I barely actually felt "pregnant" in the sense of having nausea and the aches, pains, etc.....

I am now pregnant with a boy and had a lot of nausea for the first 14 weeks. I also think he moves less than she did and in different ways...more whole body movements instead of punches and kicks. I also have had a lot more pings and pangs in my abdomen this time (which dr says is normal of a subsequent pregnancy) and my Braxton Hicks are worse with this one too.

So they are different pregnancies and they are resulting in differing sexes, but not really sure I believe that the symptoms can really predict gender.

I knew with both from a few weeks into the pregnancy. I was 100% sure my girl was a girl and 100% sure my boy was a boy....but I have some killer instincts. :)

Congrats to your friend and so glad you guys can share this! :)


answers from Spokane on

I didn't have a single day of morning sickness with either of my boys. My sister had 2 boys and with her first she had "evening" sickness for her first 4 months then it went away. With her second son she didn't have any.


answers from Dallas on

I don't know if there's any truth to it (I've always heard its opposite) but my first was a boy and I thought I would die for sure with him start to finish! My 2nd was a girl and it was completely opposite! Got over the morning sickness by 12 wks and smooth sailing with a 5 hr labor and 2 pushes!


answers from Dallas on

I was sick as a dog throughout both pregnancies and had boys. Maybe she's having a boy this time?? Congrats to your friend!



answers from Washington DC on

I have four girls. All pregnancies were relatively easy and not exactly the same but similar.



answers from San Francisco on

i had horrible nausea/morning sickness with my girl. no other symptoms.



answers from Phoenix on

The morning sickness with my girls were way more severe than my boys although with my boys it was pretty bad. I was on home IVs and bedridden with the girls and just threw up 10x's a day instead of 5x's an hour with the boys. Other than that, the symptoms were relatively similar. It seemed that my pregnancies in my 20's had more similar symptoms to each other and my pregnancies in my 30's had more similar symptoms to each other. I have 5 kids. ( One of my miscarriages happened because I had very severe morning sickness and my doctor didn't want to do an IV. I imagine that one was a girl.)


answers from San Francisco on

I have 2 girls. With #1, I was sicker than a dog for 13 long weeks. I could barely look at food without throwing up. In the third trimester, I blew up to the size of a whale - I retained so much water people would come up to me and tell me that they felt sorry for me, and that I should go home and rest. (Gee, thanks...) After that fun pregnancy, labor and delivery were hell, and she wanted to eat every hour. It's almost a miracle she isn't an only child (and honestly, DH had to get me pretty drunk to even make me consider baby #2... LOL)

With #2, I had no nausea, no swelling, absolutely no issues! I felt great! Pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-partum were all super easy, and she was a very easy baby.

So I would say, it's probably not gender-based, but I wonder if the baby's temperament has anything to do with it.



answers from New York on

There is no correlations between gender of baby and pregnancy symptoms. From what I understand, each baby will effect a woman differently regardless of gender. I had a boy and my pregnancy was pure bliss. No nausea, no morning sickness, no fatigue, only a little heartburn at the end if because he was breech and his head was stuck under my ribs.



answers from Cleveland on

My symptoms were the same with both pregnancies and I have a boy and a girl.



answers from Dallas on

Here's how it breaks down in my family.
Me - terrible pregnancy with REALLY bad sickness - boy
Middle sis - easy pregnancy - girl...easy pregnancy - boy
Big sis- REALLY hard pregnancy - girl...super easy pregnancy - boy

Honestly, all this gender prediction stuff, is just a myth.



answers from Pittsfield on

My first 3 were boys.

1st- evening sickness for 1st 3 months (some days it was all day)

2nd- miserable morning sickness and felt huge. Was sure he was going to
be bigger than the 1st who was 8 lbs, 5oz....I was in shock when he
weighed in at only 6lbs., 5oz.

3rd- no morning sickness- felt fine until I was 5 or 6 months along, then got
the worst heartburn I've ever had in my life- every day

4th was a girl- again no morning sickness, mild heartburn during the last
month or or 2, but got lots of Braxton Hicks

So none of my pregnancies was the same- even though 3 were boys.



answers from Dallas on

My symptoms were totally different. First (boy) just a few days of nausea. Second (girl) sick for 2 1/2 months - all day.


answers from Chicago on

My prego symptoms were night and day different with my first two and they were girl then boy BUT with baby #3 I had a lot of my symptoms of baby #1 so I instantly thought I was having a girl....little David arrived nearly 3 weeks I was wrong :) ha!



answers from Dallas on

I had total opposite pregnancies. One with heartburn, one without. One with sickness, one without. Etc. Both boys :)


answers from Raleigh on

Mine were night and day. My first was easy, no real problems, no real pains, no nausea...I seriously could have had 10 kids if all of my pregnancies were that good! He was my first boy. This time around, I was really sick, pretty much miserable from the start, have had lots of aches, pains, etc., and honestly, pregnancy has been less than enjoyable. According to the ultrasounds, I am having another little boy! I even look like I am carrying a girl this time (the number of people who have said, "are you sure it's a boy?" is ridiculous), and yet, we are pretty positive there will be another little man in the house soon!


answers from New York on

My first was really easy. Little to no nausea, no morning sickness, alot of heartburn (went through tums like they were C.) and we had a girl. I am 23 weeks with my 2nd and I had nausea really bad, morning sickness like you wouldn't believe, little heartburn and that depends on what I eat, very uncomfortable all the time, constipated and we found out that its a boy. I kept telling my husband that I think its a boy cause only males would make you feel this aweful! LOL!!! Every pregnancy is different so its hard to say for sure.


answers from Chicago on

I had different symptoms with each. One boy and one girl.

However, my SIL was symptom free with her first daugher, and sick as can be with her second daughter.

So I don't think you can tie anything to it.



answers from Orlando on

totally different pregnancies

1st- sick every day (well all but two days), failed my first glucose test, passed the second,almost never felt her moving, we went for heartbeat checks frequently to make sure she was still in there, born at 37 weeks

2nd got sick maybe 3 times, but pain and pressure constantly, passed first glucose test, no hypertension, terrible heartburn everyday, could see her moving around from outside my stomach, she was a wild one, finally born at 41 weeks

Two beautiful. perfectly healthy, baby girls. :)


answers from Tampa on

Besides the fact that every pregnancy can be very different, I do feel that having a different gender does add to the mix.

At 10 weeks gestation, males finally start getting a flood of testosterone - with females of course you don't.

I definitely had a very easy pregnancy without complications with #1 - a girl - t 26 y/o.

I'm having a lot more acne, heartburn, early term nausea (way past that now) and pelvic pain. It may be due to it being my 2nd pregnancy, or that I"m 31 y/o with this one, that it's a boy or a mixture of all 3 things.



answers from Washington DC on

Both girls and let me tell my second one 14 years later was way worse. Morning sickness heartburn muscle aches and all. Still a girl.

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