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Updated on September 30, 2011
L.W. asks from Montgomery, AL
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I have been having symptoms of hypoglycemia for a couple months. 2-4 hours after a meal I start sweating, my hands shake, I get nauseated. I went in for two separate blood tests, one fasting, the other 4 hours after a meal and they both came back normal. My doctor is now saying she doesn't think that's what it is, but sent me home with a glucose monitor to make sure. I was told to test at random times different days all week, 1/2 hr. after a meal, an hr. after the next time etc. My numbers are only into the 90's after I eat, so definitely not diabetic. And the lowest they ever drop is 74. At least twice that I've caught my blood sugar dropped to 75, I started sweating and shaking badly, then within an hour it had jumped to 112 without me eating. Then within another hour it had dropped back to 80 and I had a severe headache. My body is responding like it has hypo with blood sugar readings below 80. But everything I've read and been told says my body shouldn't react that way unless I'm diabetic with constant high numbers or my blood sugar is dropping below 70 or 60 (depending on the source). So I don't have a clue what is going on, and my doc doesn't seem to either. The last appointment they tested my thyroid, tested for diabetes, and did an HbA1c test. All were normal. Has anyone had anything similar and did you ever get an answer?

Also- I don't eat tons of bread, pasta, etc., I watch my portions and I like veggies. I don't drink anything but water and the occasional sugar free coffee, I don't like candy.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your answers. I am going to treat it like it was hypo whether my doc says it is or not, because I know that will make me feel better. I'm hoping that when I go in to my next appointment she will really look at the results and symptoms and not just the "normal" numbers. I'll mention the other suggestions as well and see what she thinks. If/when I get an answer I'll be sure to put it here.

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answers from Portland on

Sounds like your blood sugar gets low and your body reacts. That sounds like hypoglycemia to me but I'm not a doctor. I know that when my blood sugar gets that low I feel shaky. Sometimes eating something helps and sometimes it doesn't.

I do not have hypoglycemia. I'm borderline diabetic although my last fasting blood glucose was normal. Perhaps there are other pointers to hypoglycemia. I have a meter and for awhile took readings every 3-4 hours and wrote down the numbers to see if I could see a pattern. I couldn't. I did learn that I need those mid afternoon snacks.

I suggest that you treat yourself as if you're hypoglycemic. Eat protein every 3 hours or so. Protein stays in your system longer. Be sure your meals are high in protein. General guideline is to eat 3 meals/day evenly spaced and 3 snacks/day. Breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/dinner/snack before bed. And all snacks should be protein.

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answers from Houston on

I had that same thing. Had my blood tested for years. Turns out it WAS hypoglycemia, just borderline so they Dr's didn't diagnose it as such. I still have not been 'technically' diagnosed. I have the at home tester too that often registered in a low but normal range and I quit worrying about it. I don't care what the numbers say, if I'm feeling shaky and faint it's time for some cheese and crackers. Eating a protein with a small carb will help the protein absorb more quickly into your system.

Also, hypoglycemia can turn into diabetes, so be on top of it. Another thing, I had these symptoms really bad again a few years later. I had lots of bloodwork done. Turns out I had a Vit D deficiency., and some very slight anemia.

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answers from Seattle on

Well... for years we thought my son was hypoglycemic. TURNS OUT: WRONG SYSTEM. ((He is mildly hypoglycemic, but 90% of his problems we thought were low blood sugar or migraine related were low OXYGEN issues.))

He has breathing issues, but they presented like hypoglycemia, until he almost died this past spring.

Now... the eating WAS helping his low oxygen... and we still have no idea why. Possibly because he had to actually sit down, possibly because he's borderline and as his bloodsugar dropped into the low normal range his system sent out alerts that triggered his breathing issues. We don't know. He's not asthmatic, that's the only thing we DO know, we're still trying to figure out what's going on (but asthma meds help *hugely*)

This oximeter is the *best* personal one on the market. We use our about 10x per day, and it always, always, always lines up exactly with the hospital monitors. There are cheaper look-alikes on the market but they're often several points off in either direction ($20 or $30 instead of $40). Do NOT buy the cheaper models. Buy THIS one.

To know:
Anything below 89 requires oxygen
Most people never hit anything below 95...they stay in the 97-99 range 100% of the time.

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answers from Dallas on

It really does sound like hypoglycemia. I thought you had to have glucose tolerance test to diagnose that. That's what I had years ago.
You might consider seeing an endocrinologist.
Good luck and God bless

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answers from Chicago on

have you looked into your iron levels ... I am boarderline both and when they are both "acting up" it's worse.

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