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Updated on February 05, 2010
J.W. asks from San Antonio, TX
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My son is in kinder and he is not doing well in the area of reading readiness, I have been working with him most evenings but just can't get him up to snuff. I am thinking of trying Sylvan Learning Center. Has anyone tried this place?

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So What Happened?

My son went to Sylvan for a year, and it helped him a lot. He is on grade level with reading now. Yes- it was not good for the pocketbook, however I think it was worth it. I was determined not to let him fall behind. Sylvan works.

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Go with a private tutor, the school should have a list of tutors in your area.
I am an ex-teacher and tutor after school, you get more individualized attention with a private tutor.



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my son is in first and left kinder not reading- he was able to recognize all letters and do most of the sounds- I talked to his teacher about holding him back and since they don't actually make that decision anymore unless it is absolutely necessary she said not to worry- the light would click on. She was right- he is getting stronger and stronger everyday. He has a late spring birthday and I know he might be a little later than others on some things. On the other hand his math is crazy awesome- I would continue to read with him at home and play different types of games with him that encourage reading but unless his teacher has some concerns I would wait on Sylvan.



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Please don't spend that kind of money! When is your son's birthday? Is it in July or August? If it is or even if it isn't he may not be developmentally ready for the reading process. The best thing to do is read to him every day. In a playful way go over the alphabet and sounds that each of the letters make. He is tired in the evenings because he has worked hard all day. Cozy up and read to him, ask him questions, picture walk through the book before you read it so that he understands the connections between the words and the pictures. These things are simple and cost no money but give you time well spent with your son.



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We have not used Sylvan, but I have heard of their success from a friend. Ask the teacher and see what she thinks of Sylvan for reading.

Maybe she knows of a retired teacher, a high school or college student, etc...who does tutoring also.

That would be less expensive for you and the scheduling could work your way.
My son (a high school Senior) tutors middle and high school students in Science and Math.
He charges $18 per hour, but he also drives himself to/from the student's home. (I don't know if that rate for private tutoring is high or low---no parent has ever questioned it. He might be a little low.)

Sometimes his clients need him several times during the week....sometimes only a little. It seems to be win-win.

Good luck! Let us know how things work out.

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