Swollen Stomach

Updated on October 25, 2010
L.H. asks from Fairmont, NE
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My son is 18 months old and is having swollen stomach. He doesn't seem to have any issue with that and has proper digestion. Plays well and drinks lots of water. Doctor says its his nature but this developed only a few days before and i'm sure its not his body nature. Can any one help if know reason or atleast causes for that.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the reply every one... But his motion is okay and i just gave him medicine for deworming.... I am certainly consulting another pediatrician..

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Sounds like he could have a gluten allergy. A distended belly is very common with little ones that have this, as well as tummy trouble. If the problem continues I would try to put him on a gluten free diet to see if it helps. There are tons of options out there now as this allergy seems to be rapidly growing. Definitely consult your pediatrician, mom's gut feelings are usually right.

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You know your child best, is something seems not right, you should see the pediatrician. If there are irregularities in his poop or pee, you definitely should get him to the doctor.

With that said, my skinny, no fat boy, has a huge pot belly after he eats. I know the joke about unfastening your pants or belts, but in reality had never seen this happen. About 2 hours after eating I notice that it is much more diminished and certainly within about 4 hours it is flat again. He is 11 now, but he has always been this way.

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Dear L.,

As stated before, you know your son the best. I would never hesitate to go to a different pediatrician and ask again. There were times with my own children when introducing new foods that they had distention of the abdomen due to having a lot of gas. Gentle massage - do not push- on the abdomen in small round cirlces from the upper rightside in a down ward motion toward the lower left side usually helps to release this. If his digestion seems normal that is good. It is possible that a gluten intollerance could cause this. It is fairly easy to test for Celiac's disease and treat it with a gluten free diet. I would also ask your pediatrician about that. If you have recently switched from breast milk , to formula, or cow's milk this can also cause excessive gas issues or swelling.
There is a nutritional deficiancy called Kwashirkor that is caused by a lack of protien. It causes fluid retention in the abdomen and sometime also in the legs. It is a form of malnutrition that can be related to diet or to a problem with digestion and protein absorbtion. This is commonly seen in poverty stricken countries, and also can happen with premature children who do not digest protein properly
I hope this helps!.



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He might be constipated.



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