Swollen Eyelid

Updated on March 25, 2011
S.W. asks from Macomb, MI
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I have a 2 year old little girl and this morning I noticed her left eyelid was swollen and reddish purple on the outer corner. There is no pus, no red eye, and nothing under her eye. It's mainly located on her eyelid on the outer corner and her brow bone. I called the doctor and she said to try some anti itch allergy cream to see if maybe she got an allergic reaction from getting into something at the sitters, but it hasnt helped. She won't keep compresses on her eyes either.

Could it also possibly be swelling due to her running into the corner of our fridge a couple days ago?

Help please.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone!! It was a combo. The swelling on her brow bone was from running into the fride and her eyelid was a sty. Thankfully both have gone away. Thank you everyone!!!

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answers from Boston on

It could totally be her little battle with the fridge -- especially if she slept on that side (which would "encourage" the puffiness). I'd give it a couple of days -- and see if you can't get her to keep something cold on it for a bit every now and again.

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answers from Orlando on

if it were just the eyelid I would guess it might be a sty, which goes away on it's own and a warm compress can help (my daughter had this once). But, since you say her brow bone is also swollen, it may be from the fridge... Either way, it sounds like she will be fine :)

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answers from St. Louis on

when in doubt, go to the doc!

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answers from Detroit on

If the cream didn't help (my kids will get puffy eyes if they get more than 1 mosquito or bug bite near their eye) then it is probibly the fridge bite... If it hasn't gone down or turned into an obvious bruise tomorrow then I'd maybe have it looked at... But really if she tangled with the fridge a few days ago then it should have already shown signs of swelling up... Could just be a one of those "how'd that happen" and then it goes away things that kids show up with... Try more of the cream and wait and see...



answers from Portland on

It sounds like it's the result of running into the fridge. It should subside in a couple of days. Chalk this off as one of those times you won't know what caused it.

The doctor won't be able to tell either. He'd probably recognize a bruise. I wouldn't take her to the doctor at this point. I suggest he'd either tell you it's a bruise or he doesn't know what it is, either. Is that worth the co-pay?

I can't imagine it lasting longer than a few days but if it does, call the doctor's office again.

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