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Updated on August 07, 2007
F.H. asks from Mobile, AL
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My daughter turned 1 on August 2nd and she has been on Similac Alimentum since she was six weeks old.The doctor said that if I gave her whole milk now it would make her throw up because she has been on special formula for so long.I was wondering if anyone else had their child on this particular formula and if so what were they switched to.Also Im going to my Wic appointment on Thursday and they are going to switch her to whole milk and Im just not sure about all this.Any advice would be great.

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answers from Mobile on

Hi F. - I can't answer your question about WIC, but I can tell you how we transitioned my son to whole milk. I myself am lactose intolerant and I breastfed my son, so when I first attempted whole milk with him when he turned one, he had a reaction to it. I began him with soy milk mixed with some breastmilk that I pumped. Then slowly down to just soy milk. Once he tolerated the soy milk well for a couple of weeks, then I began mixing some sweet acidopolous (sp?) milk with the soy milk. The sweet acidopolous milk is gentler on their systems. Once he handled this milk well, i began gradually mixing it with whole milk (Whole milk has more fat and calories that the sweet acidopolous - which I believe is 1% milk). He eventually got on the whole milk very successfully. Once he turned 2, I switched to 2% milk. He LOVES milk now and would drink it all day if I'd let him! Good luck!!!!



answers from Tulsa on

DD was on a couple of different types of formula (all lactose free, one soy based, and something else) Does your child eat food yet? When DD started eating food, I think we did away with the formula, or only gave her a small amount mixed with her cereal. (didn't use it for actual feedings) We did not give her whole milk, ever. Luckily, she's fine with milk now, but would the milk alternatives work?

I'm confused about how WIC can switch your child to whole milk. I suppose they could stop providing formula vouchers, but you alone dictate what your child actually gets. I would definitely get something to give to WIC from the doctor stating that she is not to have the whole milk, but I'd also ask him for a recommendation as to what the child SHOULD be getting (so WIC can provide the appropriate alternative). If she only needs small amounts to mix with cereal, could you afford to buy the formula and use it sparingly?



answers from Huntsville on

Did the doctor not suggest something to do?? If he says whole milk is going to make her throw up, then what does he expect that you give her? I'd call the doctor's office & ask. Also tell them that you have an appointment with WIC and that they are going to switch her to whole milk. If you need to be mixing formula & milk gradually, then the doctor needs to provide some sort of letter to WIC stating that she still needs the formula for a time to transition.



answers from Biloxi on

My sisters oldest daughter was on the lactose free similac and now she loves milk. All you can do is to try just a little and see how your little one reacts to it.



answers from Montgomery on

Hey F.,
While my daughter was not on the Alimentum she was on the lactose free formula. When it was time for her to have whole milk I tried it and ohh my did I regret that. After talking with her doctor they suggested I use Lactaid. It worked out great for us. She continued on it until she was 2 and I swapped her to 2% milk and we haven't had any problems since. Hope it works well for you.

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