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Updated on December 19, 2009
M.K. asks from Lakeville, MN
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My friend recently adopted a newborn and is trying to figure out the best formula to help with his reflux issues. Here is the message that she sent this morning:

Just wondering how many people have had to make formula adjustments for their infants, and what brought about these changes. I have heard mixed reviews of switching to soy, and would especially love to hear what anyone has to say about making this switch. Luke has reflux issues, but I am also wondering about his formula - we are already on lactose free, but not soy.
Also, anyone switch to low iron, and if so - for what reason.

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Looking into a homemade formula with goats milk is a good alternative that is very cost effective too. My son loved it. If you're interested in the recipe I can forward it on to you.


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First what are you thinking is a reflux issue. Spitting up is a normal process for children although alot of people will differ with me. I would ask your Dr if he thinks it is reflux or just spitting up. I had to switch my son from Iron to Low Iron for my youngest son because he couldn't handle the extra iron in his stomache and he would get sick from it. I supplemented the iron in the formula to vitamin drops w/iron and only gave them every other day and he thrived very well. He is now 16 an approaching 6 feet and is very healthy and always has been. I question why you changed him to lactose free? But I would discuss this with your physician before making too many changes. Alot of time reflux issues resolve themselves in time and keeping the on the same formula the body will adjust themselves in time. So long as your child sees happy, continues to gain weight, sleeps well I wouldn't worry too much about the reflux issue. Spitting up is a natural way of the baby's way of getting rid of excess gas in the stomach from eatting too fast or too much. Try reducing the amount of formula and feed him more often. I know this can be trying but as an old time mom at this age they go thru alot of different experiences and unless they show some physical (not gaining weight) I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it gets to projective vomitting.



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She should talk to her pediatrician. I changed my daughter to soy because when I had to supplement her breastmilk intake she got a case of eczema because she was sensitive to milk (not a problem now- she is 2 1/2). It is generally better to keep a baby on the same formula unless your pediatrician says that you should try something else... have her call her pediatrician.



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Raw goats milk is the closest thing to breast milk. It's missing two nutrients, but you make up for that with vitamin supplements. I know, don't freak out thinking raw milk will hurt the baby and introduce viruses, disease, etc. NO IT DOESNT. Soy is bad, bad for babies and does not provide the fat needed for growing. I started supplementing my son w/soy at 6 months old and he went from 80th percentile to 50th in 3-months-time. That is in addition to getting whatever breast milk I had. I later found out about raw goats milk in his 9th month and gave him that with a mix of my pumped milk (may need to sweeten it with a little bit of demerara sugar found at health food stores if not used to the goaty taste-- though I used certified organic lite agave nectar) and at his year check up, he was back up to the 80th percentile! Currently wears 2t and some 3t clothes. Check this site out and find a local farm that supplies raw goat: http://www.realmilk.com/ Good thing about it is that it also has good bacteria in the milk which is awesome in helping your little one's immune system. My son has moved on from raw goat milk to raw cow milk (he's 13 months old). Here's another link about MILK (soy and cow): http://jacobsonchiropractic.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/m...



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My daughter had reflux issues. Silent reflux but pretty bad. She was put on Prevacid (solutabs) and it made all the difference in the world. Nothing else worked for us. The other thing that really, REALLY helped was keeping her as upright as we could when feeding and making sure that she was upright for at least 20 minutes after feeding.

As far as formula...we tried lots of different kinds and finally settled happily on Goodstart (regular formula, orange can). Enfamil (and it's generic counterparts) did NOT work...seemed to make her issues worse. And soy didn't agree with her stomach.

The goodstart has "comfort proteins"...I'm not sure if I believe in the hype...but it worked for us. Once we got her established on it things were going in and out as they were supposed to. :-)



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Nestle Goodstart is what I use as well and I love it. I just had my 2nd baby and am using it again. It is less bubbly and it is easier to digest. I also stir my formula, I don't shake it unless I have to. When you stir it, you don't create all the bubbles like when you shake it. Call me crazy, but it makes a difference! If you really think your son has reflux, you should look into some meds. It really does help and you will notice a difference. Your baby will be happier and will eat better. You may also want to consider taking them to a chiropractor for an adjustment. When things are out of alignment, it can cause all kinds of issues. I know this might sound crazy too, but this also works! Good luck!



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Both my sons have had pretty sensitive little stomachs, and reacted really badly to regular formula. Both were on Zantac, she may want to look into that, as if he's super fussy that or some other medicine may help.

With my first we went from Enfamil to Nutramigen. With my second we were hoping to avoid the Nutramigen because it's SO expensive, so we tried Enfamil, Nestle Good Start, and then switched to Similac Isomil Advance (soy). It costs the same as the regular, is cheaper than Enfamil and worked. The only problem we've encountered was his stools were a little harder, and sometimes it seemed he was constipated. Nothing that caused him any pain though. It was worth it compared to the screaming and pain he was in though!



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We did switch formula for our son when he was young due to him doing a lot of spitting up. We went to the Good start formula and it is less "bubbly" when mixed and so it didn't cause as many issues for him with spitting up and he didn't seem to get as many stomach aches. We then went to the same formula for our daughter and she did great, minimal spitting up when she would have formula.



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Enfamil Nutramigen(exspensive) but a godsend~! It is great for colic,gas,reflux,constipation. We had so many problem with breastmilk and all these different formulas. We tried Nutramigen and BAMN..all problems resolved.

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